There are a number of spikards of note that have appeared so far in Forth the Nine Riders, Unicorn no Seishi, and TaMD?, becoming the focus of several quests and prophesies. While their true number is unknown, as well as the total range of functions they allow a sorceror to access, several groupings of spikards have come to light.

Unicorn Spikards

It is unknown how many Unicorn Spikards there are, or who made them, though 'six' and 'Fuyutsuki' are pretty safe bets in each case. They are tied strongly to the Patterns and the concepts of Elemental/Conceptual Order.

Dragon Spikards

There are seven Dragon Spikards, possibly created by Anno, Keeper of the Logrus. New Chaos posseses it's own Dragon Spikards, but their identities and portfolios remain unknown, save for their Mind of the Dragon, held by High Priest Mavros. The Dragon Spikards of Old Chaos tap into the wildly chaotic nature of the Logrus, giving temporary definition to its random powers.

Turtle Spikards

Half a century ago, Prince Beowulf helped the rulers of Arcadia forge seven Turtle Spikards. Like the Unicorn Spikards being limited to their own home universe, they only work in the Arcadiaverse, except under unusual circumstances (such as when active portals to other universes are open).

[Phoenix Spikards]?

The creation of the first Phoenix Spikard came as an accidental side-effect of a cosmic ritual. Chloe of Rebma, the Crafter, created four more and remade the first, tying the five to Yig and the Phoenix. A hybrid of old and new, it remains to be seen how they will be used.

Lion Spikards

Created by some hostile force (Suspected to either be Annadil on his own, or under the influence of the Outsiders), these rings of power put one at risk of the control of the wielder of the Master Spikard which was linked to the Lion Spikards. Annadil used these spikards to control the minds of his pawns across Shadow during the Crisis -- their current wielders are unknown, though most have been destroyed or put under guard. With the Master Spikard now in ruins, the original Lion Spikards are being reforged by Anno, bound to Chaos to strengthen it in the wake of the Logruswrack.

Lion Spikards, Mark II

Events have during the Herald Crisis made it clear that someone (or several someones) is attempting to craft new Lion spikards, possibly working from Annadil's old notes. They are even more dangerous than the original Lion Spikards, due to the direct use of Outsider Power in their forging.

Miscellaneous Spikards

There are quite possibly other spikards out there, but who made them or where they are is unknown.

Spikard History and Design

It is unclear who the first spikard or maker of spikards was. The original crafter would appear to have been Melkor in the time of the Sidar, who forged Gulya and likely the nine original Lion Spikards, or at least was responsible for their construction. It may also have been Annadil, working from Melkor's notes, although the lack of inherent Outsiderness argues against this.

Melkor's lore formed the basis for future Lion Spikard makers and for Anno, who forged the Dragon Spikards based on Melkor's design, replacing Gulya's role with the Logrus. Possibly Dios had a hand in this decision... Regardless, this proved a problem when Gulya surfaced to trouble the world once again, as it proved able to influence Melkor-model rings, even those not tied directly to it.

On the other side of the universe, Fuyutsuki took a different direction, studying numerous spikards from other universes and gleaning a workable model based off of them for the Unicorn Spikards. These proved immune to Gulya and had somewhat better security, not being based on a design that was MEANT to be compromised.

It is unclear what design Beowulf and the Jacquis based the Turtle Spikards off of, although a reasonable theory is that they simply took the Unicorn Spikard design and substituted Arcadia's Pattern for Amber's, given that the Unicorn model was both available and highly successful.

The Phoenix Spikards took advantage of having many examples to work from. Chloe captured a fairly complete copy of Melkor's Ring-Lore, and gained from it a good understanding of how they worked (and what not to do). She then followed Fuyutsuki's example and studied extra-universal spikards. Thus having gained the knowledge of how spikards might work, she was able to fill each step and part with a new design drawn from Wayland's lore, the craft-lore of Balance, and numerous other sources. The result reflected her own mindset; power was sacrificed for security.

Game Rules on Spikards

True Spikards (Master, Lion, Unicorn, Dragon, Turtle, Phoenix) may draw on different power sources, but typically have several things in common: