Endurance measures how long you can go without rest and how much punishment you can take before you snap.  You use it to see who tires first in a struggle, to resist torture and poison, and to see how fast you heal.  People with high Endurance heal faster and can take more damage before they collapse. Fights between closely ranked people often come down to Endurance as to who actually wins.

High Endurance helps you to:

Levels of Endurance

Human (-25)

You have the health and constitution of an average human, capable of fifteen or so minutes of sustained exertion before you need a rest.  Serious wounds take a month or more to heal.

Chaos (-10)

You are one of the healthiest people around.  You can heal serious wounds in about two weeks, and given enough time, you can even regrow lost body parts, although even something as small as the eyes would take you a century.  You can last two or three hours of heavy exertion before you tire.

Amber (0)

The best real world human who ever was, an above average Chaosian, or an an average Amberite.  You can chug weak poisons for breakfast, fall in a Russian river in mid-winter, get shot three times, and still be alive when you crawl out.  You can heal burnt out eyes in 20 years or so, regenerate limbs over longer spans of time, and fight for a good twenty four hours before you collapse.

Bottom Ranked (1-10)

Average Amberites who have to do a lot of tiring work will generally be found in this range of points.

Low Ranked (11-20)

People at this level are considered very endurant in Amber.

Middle Ranked (21-50)

You outlast the Energizer bunny.

High Ranked (51-75)

This is a very exceptional level of Endurance, possessed generally by only the best.

Best Ranked (76-125)

You are one of the healthiest beings of all time.  You could fight for five days straight, regrow eyes in four years, heal major wounds in under a day, and carry half your family on your back across the desert without breaking a sweat.

Exalted (126+)

You can outlast Corwin.  You probably poke out your eyes for fun, just to show you can heal them quickly.