Warfare measures your ability to fight with weapons, and your strategic, tactical, and organizational skills.  You use it for everything from playing chess to managing a business to leading armies to sword fighting.  It does not, however, cover unarmed combat, which is the realm of Strength.

High Warfare helps you to:

Levels of Warfare

Human (-25)

You have the fighting skills of an average person.  You can pick up a sword by the right end, and if you're from a tech shadow, you know how to fire a gun, although you may or may not be sure how to load it.  But anyone of higher rank will cut through you like a hot knife through butter.

Chaos (-10)

You have the fighting skills of a well-trained commando.  This is the average rank in Chaos, while in Amber someone at this rank is considered somewhat poorly skilled.  You're still going to get crushed by anyone ranked, but they might not kill you with one shot while blindfolded..

Amber (0)

You're ready to go toe to toe with Napoleon.  However, in Amber, this just makes you an average joe on the street.  Only those of the most consummate skill can kill you with one blow unless you're extremely distracted or already unconscious.

Bottom Ranked (1-10)

Average Amberites specializing in Warfare, such as soldiers will generally be found in this range of points.

Low Ranked (11-20)

People at this level are considered skillful fighters in Amber.

Middle Ranked (21-50)

This is the realm of the consumate professional.  Famous generals and mercenary captains of reknown have this level of skill in Amber.

High Ranked (51-75)

  Even Amberites consider those of this level of skill to be exceptionally good.

Best Ranked (76-125)

  You are a legendary warrior of your time.  At this level, you could pull stunts like fighting an army of hundreds or thousands of human level Warfare people by yourself, if your Endurance held out.  You begin to anticipate things like how this would be the best time for someone invisible to attack, or get a feeling of danger from weapons disguised as something innocuous.  You can one-blow slay anyone of Amber warfare or less, unless they have goatloads of Endurance.

Exalted (126+)

  You could probably give Benedict a few tips on how to improve his skills. You can one-blow slay anyone with 10 or less points of warfare, unless they have goatloads of Endurance.