Noteable Amberite Wars, Conflicts, Crisises

(and Speedbumps On the Road Of History)

A table of the various wars, conflicts, major noteable skirmishes, and other things that have directly affected the kingdom of Amber.

This should be read as "Amber sent or commanded a sizeable military force funded by Amber in the conflict in question, or was critically involved in Reality-shaping issues." Smaller personal interventions don't count. This is purely from the Amber standpoint -- primarily Golden Circle, Arcadia, and Chaos conflicts will be handled in other documents.

Years (AY) Conflict Reason Length
472-482 Wars against the Pecheneg Aiding Harad 10 years
583-593 First Euboean War Naval Defense against Euboeans 10 years
605-631 First Cimbri War Barbarian Invaders from Shadow 26 years
640-660 Second Cimbri War Invaders from Shadow, Take II 20 years
660 Battle Of the Plains Of Harad End Of Second Cimbri War 4 Days
664-682 The Social War Amber's 'allies' get fed up, Dorians and Euboeans join in 18 years
679-684 The Last Cimbri War Cimbri take advantage of Social War 5 years
680 The Day Of Darkness Amber Gets Wolloped By Everybody
688-701 Third Euboean War Third Time was Not The Charm 13 years
915-919 The Twilight Of the Cimbri Gendo's Vengeance 4 years
935-957 First Alan War Sakura-Guided Barbarian Vengeance 22 years
974-985 First Theran War In retaliation for Corey's Death 11 years
977-992 Second Alan War Alans take advantage of First Theran War 15 years
998-1063 Rebman Disputes Gendo Being An Ass 65 years
1065-1075 Second Theran War Trying to recapture what had been seceded in prior wars 10 years
1167-1180 The Uilan War 'Peacekeeping' War to keep Uila from conquering Singh 13 years
1262 The Succession Crisis Gendo Dies, 'Tougas' Die, Tylor Wins, Particle Man
1265-1273 Sea Peoples Attacks Broken-Pattern Shadow-Vikings! 8 years
1272-1274 The Alexandrine War Uila tries to conquer Singh again, Amber spanks Uila again 2 years
1292 The Annadil Crisis Children of the Elements, Assemble!
1292 The Second Day of Darkness The Children of the Elements kick Annadil Outside and slam the Gate behind him.
1304-1312 War Against the Sea Peoples Shadow-Vikings Version 2.0 8 years
1322-1326 The Melnibonean War Dragon-Riders in the Sky 4 years
1332 The Herald Crisis Outsiders hold a Reality Show and are Big Losers
1332 The Hel Crisis Sanjiyan and Wu's and Abyssals, Oh My!
1339-1349 Destruction Of the Sea Peoples Kozue bitchslaps the Shadow-Vikings 10 years
1342-1347 The Five Year's War Lipun Succession Crisis, Amber Intervenes 5 years
1343-1348 The War of Demetrius' Son Uila again makes with the Singh invasions, Amber again makes with the Uilan spanking 5 years
1344-1352 Bagok's War KTC/Siam/Sind Shenanegans 8 years
1386-1391 The Second Melnibonean War Dragonriders Redux 5 years
1403-1407 The Viking Wars Vikings raid Frostspire and get their asses frozen 5 years