Bob Spade, P.I.

Cosm of Origin: Core Earth

Quote: "Nature? Nature? Don't fucking talk to me about Nature. Pave the fucking earth, that's what we oughta do."

Standig at six feet tall with greasy black hair and brown eyes, he has a slightly wiry build and the kind of eyes that you get staying up too late with whiskey and cigarettes. He is occasionally clean-shaven, usually when the boss nags him about his appearance, but often gets neglectful and carries about a layer of stubble. He wears the traditional gumshoe attire of shirt, slacks, suspenders, necktie, fedorah, and overcoat, though he usually leaves that in the car. Houston's usually way too hot for the coat, and he hates it for that.

Bob Spade was originally a private investigator in Chicago, one of many in Chicago, enrolling in the traditional Chicago brand of hard boiled private eyes that go through hell and get something done, maybe not the right thing, but something. Already a cynic, his attitude hardened when Chicago was overrun by the Living Land. Involved in Chicago's Last Stand, he escaped the city with nothing but his handguns, his Mustang and the clothes on his back. Fate brought him to Houston, where he ran into Kageru Shinobu, who he knew for a while back in the day in Chicago. Homeless and broke, he quickly took her offer of employment, since she knew the local scene in Houston far better than he did. It didn't help that he stayed depressed over the fall of Chicago for a long while, but depression eventually turned into somewhat gleeful hatred of all things relating to Nature. A city man by nature, he is greatly irritated when forced to go to forest environs and his temper shortens greatly. In his natural element, however, he's a keen observer with more deductive ability than his appearances let on.