Quiet Sword Wizard

"Wait. Let's not rush anything."


"The revealed trump depicted a delicate boy just beginning to grow into his manhood. He was seated on seemingly endless white marble steps, an unadorned short sword across his lap and clenched tightly in his right hand. Medium length brown hair in a shaggy wolf cut covered much of his face, not quite hiding features which would one day be handsome bordering on beautiful. His expression was distant, a mask of quiet reserve that hid his thoughts, not out of any need for secrecy but simply showing great self-restraint."

Personality and Apititudes and Items

For his age, Inigo is surprisingly polite and diplomatic. While he's not at all shy or standoffish, he rarely speaks out of turn and has an air which tends to make him the passive agreeable observer in a conversation, rather than an active participant. When he does speak, it tends to be with a great economy of word and often he will merely gesture expressively if that will suffice. Several people have commented that he can shrug nearly so well as Demetrius' flunky T can loom.

As in his interactions, Inigo tends to prefer waiting and watching to immediately acting. When he does act, it tends to be decisive and very straightforward and with a fair degree of forethought. His plans are often hindered by sheer lack of experience, which he tries to make up for in raw cunning and only sometimes succeeds. And while he's professed he has no interest in following in Tomos' footsteps and becoming a member of the Guard, Inigo does have a tendancy to quietly attach himself to many of the various schemes and adventure of his peers, providing the voice of reason, or at least a moderating presence.

While Inigo respects, obeys, and even loves his parents, as a result of his differences in personality he's not particularly close to either. This is a great disappointment to both of them, and something of a surprise to the rest of the family. He is known to be rather fond of both Hanajima and Yumi and has spent a good deal of time with both, often merely reading quietly nearby while they go about their business. He also gets along surprisingly well with Touga and his sons, Kiyoharu and Aburatsubo, the latter two of which have even tutored him in his schoolwork on occasion.

Inigo is a virtual wizard with a sword. Though he's trained and sparred with Tomos' and many of the other blademasters of the family, Inigo's ability with a blade is far more a factor of pure, unadulterated natural talent, and he fights with a fairly unique style that's more inspired than learned. At his tender age he's already a match for large portions of the family and everyone expects that in a decade or two he's going to be giving his many times great-grandmother Utena a serious challenge. His mind also shows promise, though like Minako in her youth, there is far more power than he has finesse to properly weild. While interested in the arcane, he hasn't yet learned any magic, largely as he currently lacks the necessary control. And more like his mother than his father, his delicate frame and less active lifestyle have prevented him from putting on the sort of muscle many of his peers have, which quietly frustrates him. However, his attempts to bulk up have left him with a suprising degree of stamina for his age and build, showing some measure of his father's reknowned toughness.

Inigo carries a well crafted shortsword, a gift from one of his father's friends in the guard. Due to his light build and small size for his age, he weilds it more like a longsword than a shortsword. Though well crafted, the blade is utilitarian and plain, and entirely unremarkable in capability. He's been given other blades, including one forged by Bill Vincent expressly for him, but his simple shortsword is the only one he regularly carries. On his right ear he wears a strange adornment, which looks like a tube of silver metal the length of a finger joint that wraps around the flesh of the upper lobe. When asked about it, he merely shrugs, as if to say, 'I like it, so I wear it.'


Sweet-Tempered Mistress of Shinobi

"I will defeat them with my NINJA MAGIC!"


"This one showed a pretty young girl with dark blonde hair and cheerful blue eyes, wearing an attractive sleeveless red dress that went down to her knees over a pair of skintight black shorts. A mix of mystical symbols and Lipunese characters adorned the dress, stitched in white. One hand waved cheerfully at the artist. The other, behind her back, seemed to be attempting with limited success to conceal a large half-unrolled scroll."

Personality and Apititudes and Items

Sakura is not a popular name for girls in Amber for obvious reasons. It's still not quite clear why Nanami Minor insisted on naming her daughter this, especially after the revelations about her origins, but it was apparently quite an inflexible point for her with Yuki.

Sakura is basically a kind, sweet-tempered, cheerful girl, which makes many people wait for her to hit her late teenage years and go off the deep end like her mother did. This tends to irritate her, and her mother as well. She's also at the age where she's beginning to notice boys, and they're beginning to notice her, and tends to have a new crush every week. She is also at the age where she likes to annoy her mother, which explains her recent obsession with ninja- related things, since ninjas are one of the many things Minor qualifies as "stupid".

Sakura tends to hang around with Shinji Minor a lot because they were both trained to beat people up by her mother, and alternately assists with and defuses his plots. Sometimes both. She fluctuates between smiling and nodding at Shinji's raving to keep him happy, and shouting at him for being a goon when they get into trouble over things like trying to sneak boxes of termites into Kanako Memorial Hall's basement.

Sakura was largely trained in magic by Keiko and Uotani, and tends to perform her spells by hitting people to activate them. This is good, as while she's a skillful unarmed fighter, she's not very strong, and the touch-based spells she favours help to even the odds for her. Uotani also made her the pretty magic dress she wears, which never gets dirty or torn, and has symbols that glow in cool ways when she casts spells. Her recent fixation on becoming a ninja has largely involved talking about all her spells as "secret ninja magic" and all her unarmed combat techniques as "forbidden ninja arts", and with reading lots of trashy ninja fiction imported from Lipun. She also carries around a large amount of shuriken and kunai and tries to incorporate them into her spells with limited success due to having rather pathetic combat skills with weapons.

Her relationship with both her parents is generally good; Yuki still seems to have "new father" syndrome over a decade after her birth, and Minor tends to roll her eyes at a lot of the things Sakura gets up to, then do her best to pull her daughter's butt out of the fire. One of the best ways to really make Sakura mad is to say something about how her parents aren't married. The other is to make fun of her name.

Drake Minor

Grumpy, Rumpled, and Sullenly Smart

"The cards say today is my lucky day. Oh, my clothes? They got torn when I got run over by Blackie. After Sophia knocked the mason jars onto my me. But before I trod on Sparkles tail and she bit me."


"The boy was dressed all in drab clothing of tan and grey and white, with pockets and buckles galore. Coupled with the clunky combat boots, knit cap covering the close-cropped blonde hair, and the slouching stance, he looked rather violent and thuggish. But there was intelligence in the quiet eyes, behind the anger and the desperate belief that maybe, this day, things would go right."

Personality and Aptitudes

Drake Minor, Yuki and Nanami Minor's younger son (by about ten minutes) is quite different from his twin sister. An unlucky child, he was constantly beset by all manner of ill-fortune during his infancy and young adult years. He ruined so many sets of good clothing that he eventually starting dressing in drab, hard-wearing combat gear at all times to mitigate or hide the effects. He is often sullen, but vocal, and is a great complainer who often offers the rough edge of his tongue to all and sundry. This has not made him many friends.

Drake, to the surprise of none, is quite the gifted player on the chessboard, though attempts by his mother and his elder namesake (who seems more amused than anything else at Nanami Minor's choice of names) to coax him into more practical applications have almost universally failed, mostly because the few times Drake grudgingly allowed himself to be roped into such things something inexplicably went wrong. He is quite strong, as well, but slow as an Ox. He is friendly but not close with his sister, and is often exasperated by Shinji Minor. He hangs out with Inigo quite a lot, as Inigo is quiet and doesn't bother him. Lately, Jaeger seems to have made it his mission in life to turn things around for Drake, and thus Drake has taken to skulking about the Castle corridors aimessly to avoid him, which bothers the servants to no end.

Drake is obsessed with luck and with fortune-telling in general, often badgering the trump artists in the family to do readings for him or those in House Belgalad with strong connections to Lipun to do fortune-tellings for him. He seems convinced that if he can one day categorize somehow the thousand small misfortunes that plague his daily life, he can predict how to bring them to an end. It does not seem to have worked so far.

Jaeger 'Joker' Butler

Charming and Debonair Scion of Librarians

"Ah, lovely. An extremely rare first draft of the Erisian Memo. Pity it's such an utter pack of lies. But Mother and Father will be very interested nontheless."


"A dapper young man in clothes obviously tailer-made for his slight frame (his grandmothers influence there, no doubt), he stood in a shadowed library, gazing thoughtfully at his fine silver watch; the glass face threw a circe of light onto his cheek, highlighting his smooth, clear skin. With one hand he adjusted the winding stem; with the other, he straightened his thin, long black tie, which well-complemented his fine and neatly combed blonde hair, blue eyes, and forest-green jacket."

Personality and Aptitudes

Jaeger Butler, Yomiko and Setsuna's young son, surprised practically everybody by (so far) proving to be none of incredibly violent, unhealthily obsessed, or sartorially challenged, thus proving that one can, in fact, overcome ones genetic imperatives.

Jaeger generally goes by the sobriquet 'Joker,' a nickname he picked up in infancy when the various toddlers-about-Amber tried to wrap their young tongues around his name. It seems to have stuck, and he jokingly says that when he becomes a Special Agent of the Crown (which he seems to regard as an inevitably that has merely not yet occured) he will already have a code name.

Joker is a charming, personable, extraordinarily likable young man, intelligent and urbane. While he shows great interest in the many universal 'conspiracies' that abound, he approaches them in a calm, thoughtful manner, weeding the wheat from the chaff, unlike his fathers' scattershot approach to research and his mothers' omnivorous appetite for anything on paper.

Though a young man in years, Joker is a fairly competent mage, and has spoken enthusiastically about learning how to do Pattern Magic once he is old enough and has walked the Pattern. Aside from magic, he does very little else of particular note, though lately he's been rumored to be growing increasingly... interesting, to the girls in his classes with Lady Haruna.

Joker is well-liked by practically everybody except for Drake Minor, who doesn't seem to really like anybody. Joker, of course, has made it his current mission in life to help Drake get over his difficulties, aid that Drake feels he could do without.

Haruka Minimus

Arrogant Little Minx



"The girl seemed to stare directly at me, off the card. It made me uncomfortable; her features were aristocratic, almost cruel, and her flinty blue gaze was haughty and arrogant. Her hair was deepest blue, glossy and fine, and hung about her head in extremely elaborate curls and strands she must have woken up quite early to prepare. She wore a white-and-red almost-uniform, suitable for sports, impeccably spotless; a bat was slung over her shoulder, though the way she held it made it look like a sword. It shimmered, almost rainbow-colored, in the sunlight."

Personality and Aptitudes

Haruka Minimus, Juri and Miki's young daughter, takes strongly after her mother in form and her father in function. A cool and distant girl, she is particularly close to none of her Rebman family, and is known to barely tolerate the presence of her Haradian relatives with the sullen impoliteness only a person who is both female and to young to thump can get away with. She comes closest to actual amiability with Drake Minor and her cousin Shinji, both of whom she will grace with her presence for long periods of time without becoming snotty.

Haruka rivals Motoko's children in her lack of tact and social restraint, which has gotten her into trouble quite a bit. Admonitions on the part of her parents to curb the rough edge of her tongue have merely resulted in it slowly sharpening itself to a rapier point. She is known to hate Madoka with a pure, burning intensity.

Haruka is an athletic girl, tolerably strong for her age, though she excels most in those sports which involve putting a stick, bat, or other implement in her hand and having her swing it at something. She loves baseball, and has a special Trump bat her father made for her. Haruka herself has already begun picking up the basics of Trump, and though she cannot create cards yet (this vexes her to no end) her sketches are quite well-executed.