Cassius Hall, Storm Knight

Cosm of Origin: Core Earth Resident.

Quote: "Get in the plane. No, I said _get in the plane_. You, the plane, get in. What part of this are you failing to grasp?"

Cassius is a deeply swarthy, dark-haired, dark-eyed individual who looks, upon casual glance, to be well-preserved man in his late fifties. Not particularly gregarious or outgoing by nature, he spends much of his time hanging around KRISIS H.Q, fiddling with pieces of equipment.

A man with a very long military history, Cassius has been documented as a member of the French Resistance during the Second World War, which makes him at minimum twenty years older than he appears to be. A photograph in his office features him being awarded the Legion of Honor by DeGaulle?; Churchill is partially visible in the background.

After the war, he is known to have had close ties to Mossad, being instrumental in hunting down ranking members of the Nazi party who escaped to both North and South America, as well as Spain and Portugal. During the 1980's, he was involved with certain espionage activities relating to both the U.S and Russian Space Programs; details remain unclear. His formal papers of U.S citizenship are dated 1992. Shortly after the High Lords invaded, he has been conclusively placed in the Holy Cross Aerospace Center of Avignon shortly before the Cyberpapacies first manned spacecraft, _Hierocracy_, blew up on the launch pad.

Cassius is employed by KRISIS on a contractual basis as a pilot and marksman. If it moves on land, through the air, or in the water, he can drive, fly, or captain it. He has personal ownership of the team's aerial transportation, a speedy, modern cargo transport named the _Beecher_.

Cassius is known to wield a number of extremely potent high-technology energy weapons quite casually, as well as being eerily proficient with all manner of Core Earth firearms; he is also certified on heavier pieces of artillery. An expert field medic, he employs very advanced medical kits of his own design. He has displayed a tendency to ignore or shrug off wounds that should by all rights leave him a twitching mass on the ground.