Noteable Chaosian Wars, Conflicts, Crisises

(and more feuds than you can shake a Hatfield or McCoy? at)

A table of the various wars, conflicts, major noteable skirmishes, and other things that have directly affected Chaos and the Great Houses.

This should be read as "A Great House, major religeous Order, or the whole of Chaos led a signifigant force against another major group (internally or externally), or was critically involved in Reality-shaping issues." Smaller personal interventions don't count. This is purely from the Chaosian standpoint -- primarily Golden Circle, Arcadia, and Amber conflicts will be handled in other documents.

Years (AY) Conflict Reason Length
400-408 The Reaver War Abyss Monks + Primal Chaos = Cross-Universe Invasion 8 years
645 AY Attack of the Ravager Beast Skippypalooza!
694-703 House Olympus Civil War Zeus Gets The Gold 9 years
953-963 The Gibberlings War Gibber Gibber Gibber Aiiiiie! 10 years
1262 Amberite Succession Crisis Helgram, Tremere, Darios attempt Intervention in Amber and get Spanked
1263 Strife in Helgram Helgram gets Ganged-Up On after Succession Crisis 1 year
1332 The Herald Crisis Outsiders hold a Reality Show and are Big Losers
1332 The Hel Crisis Sanjiyan and Wu's and Abyssals, Oh My!
1341-1348 The N'Stylite War Chaosian Boy Bands OUT OF CONTROL!!! years
1365-1375 The Jesby/Darios War Seafaring Warfare 10 years
1372-1382 The Wagnerian Jyhad A Private Little Helgram War 10 years
1383-1389 Second N'Stylite War Boy Bands Redux 6 years
1420-1425 The Chaos/Melnibone War 'The war where no army manages to reach the enemy intact' 5 years