Currently Uncommitted Powers

There remain persons and groups in the Courts of Chaos that have yet to ally themselves with any of the three factions contending for the throne. They are as follows...

Great Houses

House Aesir

The Aes are locked in a power struggle between Shinobu Minor and Loki over the leadership. Shinobu has the popularity among other House members and the backing of her family in Amber, and bears the Aesir Logrusfoil; Loki has the better claim and is probably a more canny and experienced leader. Shinobu will likely ally with the Loyalists should she prevail; Loki dislikes Amber, which would seem to imply a preference for either Suroth or Formorian, but he personally risked his neck to defend Azalyn from an assassination attempt in the days immediatly following the Logruswrack, so it would appear that he has Loyalist leanings as well.

Due to the intervention of Princess Random, House Aesir seems to have been settled in the hands of Princess Shinobu Minor, while Loki and his supporters have been pardoned. It can be expected House Aesir will be busy a while putting itself in order.

House Darios

House Darios is locked in a civil war between Darios Minor, eldest son of Lord Ahab and his wife Igdi of Helgram, and Halder, a younger son of Ahab but the eldest by his last wife Lady Mina. Darios' claim is the legal one; Halder's reasons for trying to usurp his position remain unknown. Barring intervention, whichever one of them wins seems likely to throw their backing to their traditional ally, House Formorian, though the possibility of them going to Suroth does exist if they think it will give them a greater chance to put the screws to Jesby. Darios has somewhat greater value to any of the factions than most other uncommitted houses because of their strength at sea.

House Jesby

House Jesby has yet to declare for a faction formally; however, their internal civil war is winding down, with Lord Nelson having defeated Lady Susan with the aid of Princess Shiori and Prince Orien. He seems to be consolidating his power, and his sympathies are staunchly pro-Loyalist; an official endorsement seems likely in the near future.

House Tremere

House Tremere is not locked in a civil war; they seem to be handling their succession issues without violence or bloodshed. However, their succession is a horrible mess, as all of their leaders are dead, and all of the people who would normally succeed them are dead, and those who could appoint replacements are dead, which is a situation the Tremere bylaws never envisioned and so do not speak on, and nobody still living has the power to change the laws... and on and on. It will work itself out eventually; whether in time to make any sort of difference in the greater succession differences remains to be seen. House Tremere does not like Amber or most of the Houses comprising the Loyalist faction at all, and are traditional allies of Formorian, but things are so up-in-the-air that the right negotiator offering the right incentives could probably induce them to fall for any of the three factions.

House Vanir

Reports from Vanir remain sketchy. Fenris Wolf broke loose during the Logruswrack and had to be restrained, and Crazy Old Man Cox sought the aid of Amber to do so. Who currently has the upper hand in whatever succession difficulties they might be having is unknown, but House Vanir is known for remembering their friends... which could be good for the Loyalists if Cox becomes their new Lord, and good for House Formorian if Doric (the actual heir) becomes the new Lord and casts his lot with Olympus and Formorian.

Free Cities


Coruscant's government remains intact and unsplit, but the planet-girdling city is wracked by riots and civil unrest, the populace in open, anarchical revolt. Senator Palpatine is desperately seeking to restore order; the Senate has no time at the moment for other political considerations. However, it should be noted that the late Queen Laura, wife to Ishmael and mother to Azalyn, hails from Coruscant. It can be presumed that this tie to the Loyalist faction will receive due consideration by the Senate once things calm enough for them to debate the matter.


Gotham, though devastated, survives and is at peace with itself. It has not declared for a faction yet; however, given their traditional enmity with Sarantium, it can be presumed they will -not- ally with the Formorian Powerbloc. They currently are mustering their army for unknown but likely not good for the Sarantines purpose.


Utterly in ruins, its government completely collapsed, Mega-Tokyo is in a complete state of anarchy. A small task force of Amberites led by Prince Touga and including Princess Shiori, Prince Aburatsubo, Princess Michelle, and Princess Naru has arrived in the city and is working upon securing it, presumably to deliver to the Loyalist banner once they have done so.

Zeta Cygni

Under attack from raiders out of shadow, in possible danger of totally destroying itself by falling into a star, Zeta Cygni has no time for outside politics, or for much of anything else beyond desperately fighting for survival.

Persons of Importance

Anno, Keeper of the Logrus

Anno's word would probably have great weight in this debacle. Unfortunately for any party that would seek his favor, Anno does not play politics and seems unlikely to start now, especially considering how busy he is going to be in the near future. He is likely to remain firmly uncommitted for the duration to anything other than fixing the Logrus.

Princess Motoko, the Bride of the Dragon

The arbiters of the succession laws to the throne of Chaos are the priests of the College of Heralds, still busily reconstituting themselves. As a living religious icon, the word of the Bride of the Dragon carries much weight among them. While a Princess of Amber, Motoko has very strong ties to Chaos, and seems likely to act in what she believes are its best interests; but for the time being her political stance, Loyalist, Opposition, or neutral, remains unknown.

Lord Davros, Soul of the Bride

An important undeclared religious figure in his own right, Davros is fairly likely to go where Motoko goes. However, his counsel obviously carries great weight with her, and he does hail from a House that has declared for the Loyalists.

Dios, King of New Chaos

The name and memory of Dios still resonates loudly in the collective consciousness of the Courts of Chaos. While Dios -technically- wields no power in Old Chaos, his endorsement of any of the factions would be a significant moral victory for them. GETTING him to endorse anyone (or even if he wishes to) is an entirely different matter, however.