o/~Amber babies, they'll make your dreams come true.... o/~

From Rod's deranged rambling to my even more deranged mind, welcome to the wonderful world of chibi-Amber! Yes, chibi-Amber, where all your toddler-based Amberite dreams can come true. Will you lead your tiny compatriots on the Quest for the Cookie Jar of Mystery, or go in search of the long-lost artifact Snuggles the Bear? Who knows! Possible not even the GM!


The setting is John's TaMD? universe, in Castle Amber. After a small amount of deliberation, I have decided definitively to set this in between UnS and the posited 3gen, as this represents the maximum amount of convenience to me personally while still retaining oddles of possible characters. I would encourage you all to play the chibi versions of your 3gen PC's, but will not reject any reasonable PC concept.


This will be a fifty-point game. All Attributes start at Chaos; you may sell down all the way to Human if you want more points. In addition, your diminutive statures prevent you from utilizing your stats nearly as well as the Big People, at least against them. The split-stats are in effect; you get a Signature, but only one Notable Skill, period.

Pattern and Logrus are disallowed.

You may purchase as much Basic Sorcery or Basic Shapeshifting as you like, although common sense applies to what a toddler or five-year-old might be able to do with it. Conjuration is disallowed, and Power Words are limited to no more than five non-advanced ones, with no boosting.

You may buy the following Trump skills at normal cost; Trump Sketch, Trump Sketch Transportation, Sense Trump, and Caller ID. Your trumps will probably be crayon drawings or the like.

You may purchase one and only one kind of elemental or para-elemental power, and only up to the Sense, Mold, and Resist levels.

You may have one item, with no more than four points (total) in qualities and powers. Common sense applies here too; try and make these items an toddler would posses, like the magic sensing see-and-spell Wakaba gave to you, or the one-point armored jammies Keiko made up for you because you kept falling out of your crib.

Dramatis Personae