Road Movie to Dworkinland

Some years later...

The Elves of Arcadia lay scattered like leaves in the wind, Wu-Sakura harried to destruction, the Curse of House Souma broken, the machinations of the Outsiders once more thwarted and the Restless Dead returned beyond the veil.

The latest crop of Crisis Children live happily and well, sheltered under the burgeoning growth of Amber's massive extended family.


The players and their NPC associates are various of the children conceived and born to the peer group of Forth the Nine Riders. Fuyutsuki and his lovely wife have decided to treat you all to a holiday at Dworkinland; who are you to say no?

This will be a short, mini-campaign of no more than a few sessions. Characters are grade-school Princes of Amber, and should be constructed with this in mind. Fifty points are allocatted; Pattern and Logrus and Broken Pattern are barred, any other power may be bought in full up to the Basic level. The Primal Power restriction on Trump is waived. Items are limited to the two-point level.

Dramatis Personae