Deirdre, Jack-Of-All-Trades, Master of None

"She wore green and red motley, complete with jester's cap, which left well-muscled arms bare. In her left hand, she held a sword, while her right hand called forth magical power. To her left, the ground was covered with the Pattern. To the right, the Sign of the Logrus scrawled itself upon the ground, giving birth to ravens, which flew skyward around a pillar. Far behind her, mountains rose up in a great wall, except for one pass, from which light spilled out upon Logrus and Pattern alike. In the foreground, she stood next to a tree, her left foot raised up slightly to rest on a stump. An open book lay near her right foot, cast aside and forgotten when time came to pose. Long orange hair was gathered back into a long braid, and pointed ears poked up out of her long locks. She smiled pleasantly as green eyes glittered at the viewer with good cheer. You could see her mother in her, but with a sense of playfulness her mother had often lacked."