Exalted: Broken Arrow

Each town has it's cliques and those who don't get along
And then there's towns I know where certain kids just don't belong
So know your rivals and watch your back
'Cause no-ones gonna be there when the enemy attacks...


Groans beneath the yoke. The Deathlords ride forth from the Underworld, intent upon drawing forth the lands of the living into the Void. The Fair Folk watch from the borders of the world, brooding and knowing their time draws near. The Lunars gather in the wild places, intent upon lancing the boil of civilization from the world. The Anathema walk the earth again, not merely one or two, but a great multitude, and they burn with the righteous fury of the sun. But despite these threats...

The Realm

Yet stands, protected by the Dragon-Blooded Host, the Ten Thousand Hero Army which has ruled Creation since the overthrow of the Old Realm. And even if the Scarlet Throne sits empty, if the Realm's defence grid lies quiescent and unusued, if the Immaculates masters search for signs and portens in vain, if the Great Houses sharpen their knives in the dark and the Legions wither on the vine, and even if the gods play the Games of Divinity while their enemies reach forth from their prisons...

Even then, the Realm endures.