PC Cast

Tepet Gisa (Dan Root)

Aspect- Air (Most of the Time)
House- Tepet

Burnt Leaves Falling / Iselsi Savenis Lorgar (Alan Harnum)


Aspect - Fire
House - Outcaste (Iselsi Savenis)

An Outcaste Dragon-Blood from the South, Leaves is a swordsman of great skill who has spent extensive time in the Threshold. He joined the group when he aided them against Crimson Spinward Palm and the Abyssal form of Tepet Arada, along with Ian Dresari of the Mountain Folk. Leaves has been rather reticent about his past and his current occupation, but appears to function as a mercenary freelancer for various interests of the Realm, including the Treasury--a not-uncommon employment for an Outcaste Dragon-Blood.