Aburatsubo, Gentle Magician-Prince and Lover

The only bad thing about Tennis is that you have to move away from love in order to score. But then, life is too often like that."

Aburatsubo's Trump

"The man clad in the tennis uniform looked to be neither athlete nor prince, though he moved with grace. Tall, with his father's long red hair and angular features, he could almost have been a very flat-chested woman instead of a man, though if you looked carefully, you could tell the proportions were wrong. He stood on the court, a ball in one hand, racket in the other, about to launch a serve, smiling gently as he did so, a man who played for the pleasure of the game, rather than for the cheers of the crowd at victory. A strange wand leaned against one wall of the tennis court behind him, topped with something that vaguely resembled a duck head in a very stylized manner. A golden locket hung from his neck, the kind in which one keeps a picture; I wondered whose picture dwelt within."


Born in 1359 AY to Lady Suu of Alars and Prince Touga of Amber, Aburatsubo was born the slightly younger of two twins: Haru and himself. Raised to large extent by his mother to age 14, he then went to Ohtori from 1373-7. He excelled, developing a talent for the Piano. He also pretty much has been flamingly gay ever since attending Ohtori. After he got out of Ohtori, his parents sent him to the Great School of Magic from 1377 to 1383. He did quite well there, and then went to Amber and walked the Pattern. Roped into several expeditions by Lord Franich, he made friends with various members of the Court who also got dragged in. Becoming interested in history from that, he went through a bit of a scholarly phase in which he and Juri and Franich and Naru and Haruna and Wakaba could often be seen together, arguing various things most people couldn't understand.

After a while of that, he fell in with Misato, and often went down into the city of Amber with her at nights (rumor has it they would cruise for men together). To the surprise of absolutely everyone, he then began training with Utena in 1393, and then enrolled in the Harad War Academy in 1396, where he did quite well. He then served a lengthy stint as a military mage, before apparently tiring of it. During that time, he helped fight The Dark. He then vanished into Shadow for a while in 1420, and then returned to take up the life of a courtier in 1430, which he's been doing up to the present.

Personality and Aptitudes

Aburatsubo is a gentle, kind soul, who hates confrontation and violence, and loves to tease people. He is also quite athletic (though hardly up to the standard of many members of the family, but he tries), and enjoys sports, which is how he began his training with Utena and part of why he and Misato get along so well. He enjoys swimming, basketball, and tennis, especially tennis.

Aburatsubo says he is a lover, not a fighter at heart, though he's reasonably adapt with a blade and good enough with leading men to have risen to the rank of Major in a period marked by few wars. He is rather more adept as a sorceror, displaying a fair amount of skill in such matters. He is known to have walked the Pattern, but has not delved deeply into the lore.

He has accompanied Shiori, Orien, and Katherine rather extensively on their recent set of adventures. Some courtly wags are beginning to wonder if he's making a play for Orien, given the loss of Telemain early on in the current crisis. However, he seems to regard Shiori and Katherine with favor as well...

Reactions to others:

Notable Items

Aburatsubo is known to carry an enchanted blade called 'Bannana-Peeler', made for him by his mother, Suu.

In-Game Developments

Aburatsubo is known to still be pretty sad over Telemain's death, but his association with Princess Shiori, Prince Orien, and Katherine seems to have taken some of the sting out of it. It hasn't done wonders for his personal safety, though -- Aburatsubo seems to be in the running with Melissa for 'Most Maulings During A Mission'.

Having helped save lives at the Trial Riot, he has gone on to plunge into the Logruswrack, where he assisted House Jesby, and at Helgram assisted in the infiltration which took down Cydno and freed House Helgram. He helped to try to trap Fate-Orien and helped with the liberation of Mega-Tokyo. He and the rest of Team Shiorien have FINALLY destroyed the Three Eyes of The Violator, which was a big relief for everyone.