Amber Department of Naval Intelligence

Current Intelligence Report On Abyss Master Affairs

And Information Of Note On Creatures, Places, and Events Of the Abyss

(File #AB-115-72-331)

Submitted by:

Prince Demetrius of Ember, Commandant of the Amber City Naval Academy, Commander of the Radiant

Submitted For Review on :

August, 1422

Updated by:

Princess Shiori of Ember, Commodore -- Amber Navy, Shalomar Naval Base

Updated on:

Mid June, 1432

This report has been prepared in response to the current state of affairs regarding the Kingdom of Amber, Kingdom of Ember, and Kingdom of Rebma's encounters with the Abyss Masters of the Abyss and their followers in the wake of the Herald and Hel crisises of 1332 AY. It is meant to be a precis, not a comprehensive summary. For details on specific encounters, please consult the documents referred to in the text. Portions of this document will be revised as more intelligence (both factual and rumored) is obtained.

Part 1 : History, State Of Affairs, Current Events, Analysies and Hypothesies

Part 2 : Abyss Masters Of Note

Part 3 : Locations and Creatures Of the Abyss

For reference, the following headers indicate the primary location of an incident that an encounter report is concerned with:

UN - Amber
GC - Golden Circle
SH - Shadow
BZ - Black Zone
CH - Courts of Chaos
AR - Arcadia
NC - New Chaos
AB - Abyss