Locations in the Abyss

Abyssal Maelstroms
Owner: None

More an environmental phenomenon than a location in the Abyss, Abyssal Maelstroms are large areas of churning entropy, dangerous even to the Abyss Masters. They are produced by several means, most noteably as the result of an Abyss Master Release Ritual or the site of major Abyssal battles. These areas fade in potency over time, but are hazards to navigation and exploration in the interim.

The Brazen Pillar
Owner: Loosh

The Brazen Pillar is a several hundred foot long, several dozen feet wide giant pillar of abyssal stone honeycombed with tunnels. It is situated near the Shallows of the Abyss. It serves as the base of operations for Loosh's group of Abyss Monks.

The Deep
Owner : None

The portion of the Abyss approximately two days travel down and further, which can only be survived by Abyss Masters, those under their protection, or those using special devices and measures. Beyond there, our universe's local Abyss begins to connect with other universe's Abysses.

The Fallen Temple
Owner: Namura

The Fallen Temple was claimed by the Abyss Monks after it fell into Abyss from Helgramways during Tashlan's Folly and Utena/Wakaba's Smackdown. Its position in the Abyss (near the 'border' of the Deep Abyss) was stabilized by the Abyss Masters, cleaned of Outsider Taint, and made a place of Abyssal teaching. It serves as Namura's base of operations.

The Guf
Owner : None

The Guf, the 'Well Of All Souls' is rumored to be (or have an opening) at the 'bottom' of the Deep Abyss, serving as the gateway for soul-rebirth for souls claimed by the Abyss that manage to reach there. Not much else is known about it, due to the current inability for Amberites to investigate there. (The trip may be -possible-, but there's no garuntee of -survival-... )

The Rock of Eternity
Owner: "The Wizard" / Moriya and Kitsune

The Rock of Eternity appears to be a massive boulder with multiple doors on its surface. It is a structure from Sidar times that fell into the Abyss during the Godswar and has remained there to this day, intact. For centuries, it was largely left alone by the denizens of the Abyss; something tended to chase things off. Recently, though, it was occupied for several decades by Incubus-Moriya and Kitsune the Marilith, who managed to convince the slumbering Wizard within to allow them to stay before their escape with Akari.

The Shallows
Owner: None

The portion of the Abyss which abuts the Courts of Chaos and lies "parallel" to the rest of Shadow. Abyss Portals open to here when created in Shadow. It is easily reachable by Pit Divers with the right skills.

Creatures of the Abyss

This section covers creatures encountered during the current and prior crisises not mentioned in the already existing document, "Abyssal Demons -- Classification, Powers, and Behaviour". Please refer to that document for a general overview of Abyss Demons.

Abyss Kittens
Abyss Kittens have become the best-known of Abyssal creatures to the general Amber populace, courtesy of the efforts of Prince Demetrius to tame and distribute them for adoption. They are small black cats drawn from the Abyss, with the usual range of cat behaviours, but with a heightened intelligence and destructive tendencies. When raised soley by humans in small numbers, they can be relatively domesticated and can serve as reasonable pets and familiars. Prolonged exposure to people with strong minds can allow the kitten to develop the ability for coherent speech.

However, Abyss Kittens are not to be trifled or toyed with. There are several incedents on record where tormenting an Abyss Kitten led to subsequent limb loss on the part of the tormenter. Undomesticated Abyss Kittens are to be avoided at all costs. One must also use caution when encountering Abyss Kittens (domesticated or non) in packs.

Abyss Leviathan
Smaller than the M'Kouvri, but still quite large, the Abyss Leviathan is a much more intelligent hunter in the depths of the Abyss. They are quite intractable, though some ancient Abyss Masters (and Abyssal Dieties) have been rumored to bind the Leviathan's great powers into artifacts to ensnare the unwary.

A feral, ape-like Abyss creature. Barangi are about seven feet tall, terribly strong, but not all that smart. While its mind is tough, it does not have any real mental attacks. Their preferred mode of attack is a feral rampage, destroying things -- charging, grappling, crushing, and biting. They can be held off if one has enough room to maneuver with a weapon, or the use of appropriate magics.

Also known as the Abyss Behemoth, the M'Kouvri are gigantic Abyss predators, similar to whales in general shape, as large as the Radiant (if not larger) which cruise the Deep Abyss searching for prey. They are not that strong of mind in the grand scheme of things, as their mental processes generally focus on where its next meal is coming from. They have been known to be taken over by Abyss Monks to serve as mass transportation, or to mask their passage through the Abyss.

Monkey's Paw
A type of Abyssal Artifact created from a monkey's paw. Created by chopping off the paws of a monkey and then filling it with Abyssal Sorcery and Abyss-Conjoured power, the Monkey's Paw is used as a form of messenger creature (if the creator has some form of Shadow-Travel power, either via Conjuration or a Primal Imprint) and spreader of bad luck to its targets. It is not very tough, and even a simple mindblast can pacify it. Some Abyss Monks specialize in the making of such items, but with the proper skills, any Abyss Master with enough time and inclination could make one.

An abyssal predator, with suckers, beaks, and too many compound eyes. They are used much in the same manner as the Radiant's fighters, for nasty harrying attacks or massed group assaults. They can be controlled by Abyss Monks with the appropriate training, but most Monks prefer to avoid them if possible.

A very strange breed of abyss demon. They appear as ordinary women in daylight -- but at night, their heads fly around independently, trailing their entrails. In this form, they stalk their enemies and eat them and/or drink their blood. A single one is a fairly mild threat unless it's really old. They become somewhat more of a threat in groups, where they can harrass and swarm their enemies.

An Abyssal Triclops, a particularly nasty breed of Abyss Demon. Nasty and conniving, intelligent and capable of long-term plotting, they weave their webs of power and control among those they ensnare. Their most common way of assuming power over others is to extract the soul from a person's body and replacing it with an Abyssal soul, storing the original soul in their third eye. The number of beings they can control and monitor at once is limited soley on how much power they can bring to bear. They can be released from the Abyss by various methods, though blood sacrifice (especially those with Blood of Power within them) is the most potent method and grants power to the Sanjiyan.

Hel, the 'Queen of the Dead', was a Sanjiyan. She had managed to gain access to her home universe's Jewel of Judgement, and with it took over an entire universe. (See File # AB-103-22-666, "The Hel Crisis of 1332 AY") This gives you an idea of the degree to which a Sanjiyan desires power, and the lengths to which she will go to acheive it.

Under no circumstances is a Sanjiyan to be allowed anywhere near eye-shaped artifacts, Jewels of Order, or Chaos Gems. Otherwise we will have to hurt you. You have been warned.

An abyssal puppet of a Sanjiyan. From the victim's perspective, it is as if they become unconcious or in a deep sleep, with no time passing from the point of soul removal. The resulting puppet body, known as a 'Wu', has all the abilities and effective memories of the victim, and is capable of perceiving the world even though their eyes are closed. The Wu can be identified by this, and the fact that their forehead is spiritually branded by the Sanjiyan's personal sigil. Wu are near-indestructable as long as they are under control of their Sanjiyan, unless exceptional measures are taken to destroy the body.

There are regrettably few ways of 'Freeing' a Wu. One method involves removing the Sanjiyan-created Abyssal Soul from the body and replacing it with another temporary Abyssal Soul produced by an Abyss Master. However, this does not cause the return of the original soul from the Sanjiyan. In order to get back the soul from the Sanjiyan, the demon must reliquish the soul willingly, or its third eye must be destroyed, releasing the souls.

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