Advancement for F9R will be following the request I recieved from a fair chunk of the players to have periodic advancement sessions with a flat award the same for everyone, whether or not you do well or screw up or get stuck walking through shadow for three weeks. I will be awarding five points each time I do an advancement, with the periods varying by how intense the action is.

As with UnS, each player will need to submit a wishlist of what they want, and whether they're willing to drop in good stuff to get it.

Season One

The first Advance was awarded on July 18th, 2002.

The second Advance was awarded on August 14th, 2002.

The third Advance was awarded on September 6, 2002.

The fourth Advance was awarded on October 5, 2002.

The fifth Advance was awarded on November 1, 2002.

The sixth Advance was awarded on November 27, 2002.

The seventh Advance was awarded on December 17, 2002.

Season Two

The eighth Advance was awarded on May 1, 2003. WORKERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! SPEND YOUR POINTS! Or something.

The ninth Advance was awarded on June 2, 2003.

The tenth Advance burst out of Dan's chest, just to make his day worse on July 1, 2003.

The eleventh Advance STOLE DAN'S WOMB on August 4, 2003.

Season Three

The twelfth Advance granted Tomos universal forgiveness and love on December 5, 2003.

The thirteenth Advance fell out of a window, walked under a ladder, then played tag with a Black Cat on January 5, 2004.

The fourteenth Advance kidnapped Antonio Banderas and took him to fight neanderthals on January 29, 2004.

The fifteenth Advance discovered it was Jefferson Davis REBORN! on February 27th, 2004.

The sixteenth Advance impregnated ALL THE PLAYERS on March 27, 2004.

The seventeenth Advance UNLEASHED THE NINE HEADED BEATDOWN OF IMHOTEP on May 3, 2004.

The eighteenth Advance shocked Michelle for once on May 27, 2004.

The nineteenth Advance linked itself to the Two Trees on June 26, 2004.

The twentieth Advance feasted on the flesh of Script Kiddies on July 27, 2004.

The twenty-first Advance showed up early due to Dan-sickness on August 25, 2004.

The Twenty-Second Advance launched an ark full of animals into space on September 26, 2004

The Twenty-Third Advance took Ohio by a hair on November 3, 2004.

The Twenty-Fourth Advance will protect everyone from the TERRIBLE SECRET OF SPACE on December 3, 2004. Even if it is malfunctioning.

Season Four

The Twenty-Fifth Advance kicked John's butt when he tried to pick up his parents on June 29, 2005. JOHN EXPLODE

The Twenty-Sixth Advance came out of hiding once KUGAR was finally cast down on September 18, 2005.

The Twenty-Seventh Advance gave John his Ph.D FINALLY, somewhere around November 17, 2005.