Hisame Akari

Daughter of Prince Shizumaru and Lady Rimururu, Chosen of the Phoenix

o/~ Speak to me, when all you have to keep is strong
Move along, move along like I know you do
And even when your hope is gone
Move along, move along just to make it through
Move along o/~

"No more close-quarters fighting for me. Please."


"Times changed, and so did people. Akari was no longer the child, having been forced to grow up by a series of tragedies and triumphs. Her new card showed her as an adult and only the adult, clad in a more ornate version of her old miko outfit. In addition to the billowing pleated skirts and white, loose-sleeved shirt, there were matching purple braids, twisted and knotted intricately, hung from a wide belt around her waist. In her left hand, she held her gohei, now topped by a golden figurine of a phoenix. In her right, she held spirit seals, fanned out like cards; behind them, there was a faint gleam of gold, a ring on one finger. Her hair was still the same, with that silly cowlick--perhaps one of the few visible traits she left that spoke of her more playful past--though her ponytail was now somewhat longer. Her face was tilted upward in an expression of beatific bliss, lips slightly parted in a smile, eyes closed...except for a glowing third eye that gazed out from her forehead, the manifestation of her spikard, Hennornya. And behind her, there rose the image of a blazing bird of flame, the Phoenix, the Animal God that chose her, the one she chose as her new Lord, the one she served as Song. This was the new Hisame Akari, reborn and reforged."

--Hisame Akari's trump

Signature: The Genki Spiritualist--She's a very good spiritualist. And unlike most spiritualists, she's quite happy and cheerful, considering that she spends a lot of time with the souls of the dead and demons and such. This rather makes her stand out.

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Recent Developments

Between accidentally unleashing her brother's killers from his old sword and the subsequent deaths of Mikage and Telemain by their hand, Akari has become far, far more somber and depressed, sometimes even angry. She has remained in her adult form for possibly the longest time she ever has since she started taking on a child's appearance, and does not seem inclined to change this for some time to come.

She helped with rounding up escaped ghosts at Kanako Hall, and has been seen toting around a book titled "Prophecies of the Phoenix". She has completed the journey to Cathuria, though it was a terrible trip, with the loss of more family members. Once there, it was revealed that while the Taylor could be destroyed out of hand, the Hemingway crew had Outsider-based anchors in this world that had to be destroyed before they were finished off, lest those anchors start to fester and corrupt shadow.

And with this encounter with the Phoenix, Akari has become the prophecied Song of the Phoenix, who brings healing and hope to the dead and the living.

She has set out into shadow to gather up the five Liefe Knights, servants of the Phoenix, to aid her in the upcoming quests. So far, she has found three of them--Mannen, a boy, Knight of Ice; Shin, a younger boy, Knight of Plants; and Kei, a handsome man, Knight of Metal. She then took a detour into the fasttimed shadow where the children of the Nemuro Quintet are currently being raised, in order to perform a ritual of rebirth on Minako to heal her broken soul and remove the madness. It appears to have worked. After this, she gathered up Sasame, Knight of Sound, and Hayate, Knight of Wind, to complete her set of guardians. They are also rather handsome young men as well.

She and her team of the Liefe Knights, Utena, Wakaba, and Kanna have taken down the first anchor. Also, rumor has it that the Liefe Knights are not just her guardians but actually her harem. Or perhaps the three grown-up ones are her harem and the two boys are her kids. Or something like that. Most people are having difficulty believing this, but a few are thinking that all the years of suppressing her hormones have busted loose with a vengeance.

She had been journeying out in shadow to destroy the anchors which have been sustaining the souls of her brother's killers. According to recent reports, she had finished off one and was on her way to the second one when Yogfest '32 and the Logruswrack happened. She has since emerged from isolation following the disaster, joining up with Lord Sousuke of Helgram, having captured a maddened Utena, fought off an attack by ghost-Sakura, and also caught Wakaba as well. In addition, a younger copy of her mother, Rimururu, has suddenly appeared. Akari seems to be extremely confused by this. Oh, and she reacts badly to strawberry ice cream now.

With the Tenjou crisis defused, Akari parted ways from Sousuke's group at House MITHRIL, where she performed a ceremony to send their dead off on their way. She then teamed up with Random and Spellvis to hold a huge concert, staged from the Cathedral of the Serpent, and broadcast throughout all of Chaos, to call the dead killed by Logruswrack home to the Serpent, after giving them a chance to say farewell to the ones they left behind. It was, as they say, a success.

Unfortunately, it appears that the incursion of the Abyss into House Helgram blocked her song, so she has to do it yet a third time for them. In addition, a number of the souls of the Helgramite dead are missing--stolen away by Abyss monks. Akari actually ventured into the Abyss in order to negotiate for their return; the holders include High Master Namura, who has been running a feud with Amber ever since Lian's Folly a hundred years ago. She discovered (to her intense disgust) that he is a pedophile, but had no choice but to go along with his whims in order to try to recover the missing souls without further violence and death.

She has been questing for the artifacts that the soul holders wish to trade for, and acquired most of them. Somewhere along the way, it appears she's gained a spikard of some sort, as well a glowing third eye on her forehead.... Unfortunately, turning over locks of hair from Beowulf and Kanna to Namura have been deemed as possibly too dangerous to be allowed, so currently this goal is on hiatus while alternatives and safeguards are researched. Hopefully, the return of the Bride of the Dragon may be able to force some concessions from Namura.

In the meantime, she is assisting in a vampire hunt in Arcadia and helping to thwart a possible plot to reanimate Haruka Minor and turn her against Arcadia; she has forced herself to overcome her recently-developed Namura-sourced aversion to being in a child's body to pose as a creepy child vampire named Alice. As this proceeds, more and more about the shadowy world of Discworld vampires is being uncovered, such as the nature of the Antebellum--apparently Pattern artifacts containing the abyssal souls that once inhabited the late Wu-Amberites, now slumbering beneath various castles in Uberwald.

Along the way, she and Nanami Minor appear to have awoken the Phoenix of Arcadia from a century-long slumber. His power may be needed soon, to face the hundredth anniversary of the Day of the Dead. Moreover, it appears confirmed that the Vamberites are being used as pawns by one of their number, Mark, and in order to free them from his domination, Akari is currently the bearer of the Arcadian Cup of Life, though will likely be giving it back once this mission is completed. In one night, with the help of the Cup, the Uberwald task force has managed to free Vamber's Wendy, Nancy, and Tobias (their versions of Wakaba, Nanami Major, and Touga respectively). Though apparently Akari herself had to do a little seduction routine for Tobias, bringing [Bust Akari] into reality (with Miroku's help) if only for a short while. It is thought that Akari will eventually recover from this. Or maybe she'll be turning into Busty Pretty Soldier Song sometime.

As the Uberwald mission proceeded, Akari was involved in the Night of the Living WTFBBQNDYN, gained some assistant magical girls (and boy, in the case of Nanbara), apologized to Asuka without getting killed, and performed some very painful soul-surgery on Suzuka. She seems alternately bemused and vaguely satisfied by all of this.

With the Vamberites finally freed and Mark taken down, as well as the Bride of Darkness (now confirmed to be a Jacqui fragment with a piece of Derith's soul contained in it), the Long Night of Uberwald is finally over. There remains some cleanup, as well as the liberation of Vamber, which is in Random's hands.

Akari has now returned to Chaos, having reclaimed the stolen souls from the Abyss and conducted the rite which sent them and the other dead of Helgram on to the Serpent. It affected her badly, probably due to the number of children and families that she saw and ministered to directly during the course of this rite; rumors say that she ran off and kissed Soujirou, Hayate, or Sasame afterward, or some combination of them, seeking comfort. Whatever the case is, she is now proceeding to assist Anno in various matters relating to cleaning up the Courts and helping to fix the Logrus. There were some confused moments when she made a brief appearance at the Amberite Embassy there as "Bust Alice", which was followed by a return to the Keep to do...something.

Whatever it was that happened, Akari got involved in the Nine Headed Beatdown of Imhotep up in Rebma, returned to Chaos to give another try at helping Anno, got sidetracked by Abyssy goodness yet again, had a Destiny-angled accident with Dramaegya again too, and has somehow ended up in a Marilith body (if temporarily) along with a demonic Moriya and demonic Mitsune who seem rather happy together. Through some minor miracle, this seems to have defused the long-standing feud between Mitsune and Rimururu, and the bunch of them have gone over to New Chaos so that Moriya, Rimururu, and Atsuko can walk the Logrus somehow.

This done, Akari participated in the restoration of the Two Trees in Beleriand, becoming attached to them (and perhaps becoming some sort of proto-deity or something). Next was the Battle of Cathuria, in which the Outsiders got spanked, Gil Galad and Kanako were both freed, and Annadil was whooped quite thoroughly. She took a pretty thorough beating, but managed to stand up to Annadil jamming the Logrus into her Static Pattern Defense and was instrumental in separating Gil from his prison of centuries.

Akari has now left Cathuria in the company of Chloe and Asuka (how times have changed) in order to hunt down a rogue fragment of Derith's soul that has been reprogrammed by the Outsiders to be their little agent. They managed to thwart his attempt to crack open the Embran dome and summon Atlach-Nacha, but he got away. Kentaro was rescued in the process, and he revealed that Sakura had kidnapped Sumire either to be sacrificed or to be given over as a bride for Cthuga, something like that. Drake was pulled in, and he took one force to rescue Sumire while the other group went to the Blue Crystal Caves, a shadow where neither Pattern nor Logrus works, to take out Derith.

Probably because of the lack of Pattern and Logrus influence, the sigils meant to keep out the Outsiders, the BCC had become a haven for a lot of Outsider cultists, most notably those following Glaaki, the Dweller in the Lake, aka Slugboy. Akari and Chloe's bunch rampaged over a number of them, and set themselves up to battle Glaaki. After a pitched battle involving Glaaki, Derith, and Derith's flunkies (apparently Outsidery shadows of some of the dead royalty of Rebma), Glaaki was captured in a bottle to rot, while unfortunately Derith got away again. Fuyutsuki has taken custody of Glaaki.

Unfortunately, due to Derith having decoys, the smackdown team remained split up, between the Castle of Night, where Drake's group went, and Yig, where Chloe and Akari's group went. Derith did show up at Yig, bringing along another Rebman shadow flunky, as well as seven Pattern Angels representing the five elements plus Fate and Destiny (with Destiny bound by Fate to serve them). However, they were not enough, as the Angels were whipped from long distance and Derith plus his flunky whipped up close and personal. The Logrusfoil Fear was removed from the Hanged Man and has now passed to Soujirou's hands, while Derith was dragged back to the Phoenix, who purged him of his Outsider taint and forged him into a component of a ring of Balance.

With that done, Akari actually seems to have a spot of free time, as she waits for Random to organize a summit meeting and concert for the Rose Knights which she will participate in. She has been to the Halls of Mandos to visit Gil Galad and Kanako, Yig to check up on the results of Chloe's defragmentation project, and the Keep, to stay busy for the moment. As it happened, Chloe and Asuka uncovered a way to get rid of the curse, involving a trip to Dylath-Leen in the Dreaming to get the bones of a dead god to fuel a cleansing performed by Karakaal. This was accomplished with minimal difficulty. In the meantime, it looks like she's finally chosen.... But that didn't go well at all.

Recently, she aided Sousuke in the takedown of Zombie Michael Jackson, with relatively minimal difficulty. Following that, she took a jaunt over to Arcadia without her entourage, assisted Utena and Wakaba in destroying ancient weapons of mass destruction, and confronted them about something that has left the three of them somewhat shaken. She then returned to see Anno about assisting with the Chaos rebuilding, but stumbled upon a planned heist by Nym.

She and Drake staked out Vegas in the USOC, then pulled in a team that added her parents, Michelle, Damask, Atsuko, Kaname, and Soujirou (the last of which added some awkwardness but was a necessary step in eventual reconciliation). Nym's gang, which included some notorious Chaosian criminals, were taken down with relative ease considering how much trouble Nym has given many people in the past. Nym himself was captured by Akari, who foiled his spikard-theft and subsequent jumping after he got mauled by Soujirou. Nym's capture and subsequent examination has definitively revealed his nature as a fragment of Moriya, messily reincarnated by some artificial means of conception/birth. More than that, he has the physical Blood of Amber. In the deliberations with her family, Moriya has decided not to try reclaiming that portion of his soul, as he feels he doesn't need it, and everyone seems to be agreeing. Drake seems hopeful that Nym can be reformed and turned into an asset for Amber.

Following this, Akari and Soujirou were drawn into an investigation of Palpatine in Coruscant by Chloe and Asuka, along with Nanami and the Wind Dragon. Though initially based on a hunch regarding Palpatine's powerful mind, this turned out to be a wise decision as a huge cache of esoteric artifacts, some Outsidery and Abyssal, and plots to take over not only Coruscant but all of Chaos were discovered. In the showdown to arrest Palpatine, he revealed himself to be, in fact, the last remaining Outsider Herald candidate, Moebius. The ensuing battle left Akari without any of her limbs, though she bravely fought on until the multiple Sith were contained. This led to an option zero of an all-out attack on the Courts, which Akari (still a quad amputee) was involved in combatting until she finally took enough injury to pass out. This was soon mopped up, fortunately.

Akari retreated briefly to Michelle's beach resort to check up on her parents and rest for a bit with Soujirou. She had a minor breakdown over the Grievous incident, but between Michelle and Soujirou burying the hatchet and her spending some quality time (ahem) with her boyfriend, she seems to be much better now, thanks. This was followed by the Grand Dance of the Stars, the ritual by which the Soumas were uncursed, the Juunishi gods given the role of the late Zodiac (plus aligned with the three major Forces of the current universe), Ghroth getting baited and taken out, and apparently a whole buttload more. For starters, Dramaegya seems to have been converted into the first spikard of Balance ever--called Hennornya after the conversion--and that's just the beginning.

Following the cleanup of Fuyutsuki's lab, she and Chloe proceeded to bring the new Balance gods over to Yig and set up realms for each of them; Chloe supplied the molding mojo to create the physical form, while Akari coordinated the mystical direction with Snake's help and controlled the flows of power through the process. Balance seems off to a good start. But there's no rest for the weary; she and Chloe went off to continue on Balance projects, but were briefly interrupted by a rescue effort of some Darians due to the fact that Moriya was among the captured. High drama and tension there.

That done, Akari and Chloe completed their search of Wayland's Workshop, returning with many notes, and proceeded to create four new Phoenix Spikards (and rework Hennornya into Varunandu). She then took off into shadow and reclaimed some key elements of the Phoenix's ancient ruined Aerie along with Chloe, Asuka, Yurika, Soujirou, Moriya, and Kitsune. After bringing back a great mural, some icons, holy texts, and the old nest (still partially smoldering), she sang a song of building that Chloe used in order to bring the new Aerie into being up in the Yig Alps. She seems to be very happy with the results, and partook in a huge drunken party with Chloe and a bunch of her family and friends afterward to celebrate.

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