Character Creation

Revised Basic Character Generation System

A note on Notable Skills:

You get one notable skill for every 10 points spent directly on attributes from Raw Potential or Chance or Enemies. (but not from Packages).

Raw Potential:

Amberites are tough little buggers. Some are born damn strong. Some seem to know how to hack people to death with swords right out of the womb. And some bite their sister's head off right off the bat.

You get 50 points to spend entirely on Attributes, Good Stuff, or the powers dependent on one's blood (Logrus/ Pattern/ Shapeshifting).


Everyone is born somewhere and has certain things pounded into them due to the circumstances of their birth. While certain categories of people exist, the complexity of Amber / Chaos relations makes it hard to set hard and fast boundaries (Is Deirdre more a Princess of Amber or more a Lady of Chaos, for example?)

For upbringing, you get: 5 notable skills suitable to your upbringing (to be negotiated with the DM as to what is 'appropriate') 50 points which can be spent as follows:


Having spent your childhood with people deciding what you ought to learn, you now enter into adulthood with the right to do whatever you bloody well please, because you are now the master of your own destiny and a Prince of the Universe. At least until Drake gets bored and sends you on a suicide mission so he can watch you on TrumpVision?.

You have 75 points, each of which represents a 'year' of experience. (Yes, some of you may be less than that, but that's why fast-time shadows exist. Those born at the very start of the century lost their first 25 years to parental meddling, etc--ie, their upbringing package).

These can be spent on:

I am open to creating additional packages to reflect people who have been up to weird things or who suddenly decide they want to train with James Joyce or something. (I retain the right to refuse training with characters I've never heard of.)


Some people are luckier than others, although, really, in Amber, luck is, in many ways, an illusion. You get 25 points which can be spent on absolutely anything. (You can also buy Notable skills at a cost of 3 points per NS if you so desire). You can increase these points by doing up to 30 points of contributions which all turn into Chance points.


They say a hero is defined by his enemies. You can choose to take up to 10 points of enemies in order to get an equal amount of discretionary points.

Your Shining Thing:

Everyone has something or has done something which can't be reduced to points on a sheet. Maybe you're invisible to destiny. Maybe you ARE destined to some greatness. Maybe a prophesy ambushed you on the way to the forum. Maybe Fuyutsuki grabbed you, had MPS with you, and suddenly your potential power in Pattern is enhanced. Maybe the Unicorn likes you. Maybe Juri wants you so bad, you catch fire when she looks at you.

You can define one thing which either:

Your Signature:

Pick one Signature Trait.