Dowager Queen Anthy

Champion of the Air Pattern, Keeper of Dreams, Chatelaine of Tir'na'nog

Dowager Queen Anthy was Gendo's last wife, and still is alive. The young dowager queen is younger than many of her step-children. She is shy and quiet, the least assertive of the queens Gendo married over the years. In fact, she is sometimes so passive it gets downright creepy. Still, she is gentle and kind. Her hair is purple and wavy, pulled back into a bun, and she wears glasses. She is mother to Utena and Wakaba.

These days, she seems largely content to advise Tylor and to maintain the castle gardens. She also acts as the umpire for the Rose Dueling Arena. During the Annadil Crisis, it became apparent that she is the guardian of the Demi-Jewel of Air.

Anthy is known to be quite close to Prince Mikage, and quite fond of her granddaughter Jacqueline and her grand-neice, Shinobu. She's also been known to discuss being a queen with Corrine and to spend time with Princess Hiko. She also seems quite fond of Prince Demetrius and is rumored to be secretly dating Vash. (There are certain strange rumors which claims Anthy and Demetrius periodically merge together into some sort of rampaging uberpowerful Abyss Monster which is then turned loose on Amber's enemies. Most people place these roughly on a level with the claim that Davros is actually King Gendo in disguise.)

Anthy seems to have had some involvement in the arrival of the Wind Dragon, and she has taken baby Demetrius and Vash under her care.

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