Anya, Fast-Time Child

"Wow, even more relatives!"

"This card showed a young lady clad in a long, elegant yellow dress in the middle of quite un-elegant activities. She stood on one foot, her other foot directed in an upwards kick at some unseen foe, making her skirt ride up. Her left hand glowed with magical energies and her right hand held a sword coming around for a swipe at someone else. Wind whipped through her long blonde hair, blowing it about, and her dusky skin contrasted with the bright white marble of the angled roof she stood on. Eight pillars could be seen holding up the roof beneath her. She smiled, enjoying whatever danger she'd gotten herself into."


Born to Motoko and Davros in the aftermath of the brief rampage of Nemesis, Anya is currently being raised in fast-time by House Belgalad. It is expected she will soon emerge as an adult. Many wonder why this is necessary to raise the child up so fast...

She has now surfaced and headed out to join her family in adventures.

Personality and Aptitudes

Anya seems to have a great desire to have adventures and to meet the rest of the family; she is friendly and outgoing, and while able to be polite and mannered, has a tendency to act a little too much like Moonshade for her parents' liking. Moonshade, otoh, thinks it's great.

Anya is a swordswoman of substantial skill, able to keep up with Random and Suzuka in duels. She's also substantially strong and a skilled martial artist who mixes it with her swordwork in the style of Captain Tomos.

She's also a sorceress of fair skill, with a mind which is reasonably strong, but does not hugely stand out among the family.

She has just walked the Logrus and the Pattern, but only knows a little of either.

She also seems a shifter of some skill as well.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

Anya wields Mikomi (Hope), a blade forged for her by Moonshade.

She also now weilds Belegcu, a bow she gained in Tir'na'nog.

In-Game Developments

Anya came to Amber, meeting family members. She then went to the Helgram ball and has now just walked the Logrus. She is now off training in its use.

Having returned from that, Anya has now walked the Pattern and gone on her first mission, a fairly easy trip to a minor sorceror's tower in Leng.

Anya went with Suzuka and Setsuna to try to gain Wings of the Dragon; she did not succeed.

She had better luck in the fight against the Child Clad in Night.

She has recently gone on a mission to Lemuria with Chloe and Suzuka which went quite well.

Having gone with Dee and Inigo to Dworkinland, Anya now seems determined to prevent him GOING GOTH.