Asuka, Red Knight of Celephais, Child of Fire, Father of the Heart of Yig, Order Goddess of Fire

"Everyone that burns has to learn from the pain."

Julian says, "Since the only red haired woman among you lacks elegance and none of you are blue-haired men or have goatees, I must assume my hounds lost the trail and decided to obsess on something else in the hopes that I would not care."
Asuka says, "Hey! I can be VERY ELEGANT, DAMMIT!"
Julian says, "Unless cursing is a key component of elegance, I doubt it."


"She hung upside down, wearing her red and black military uniform, a flaming sword in each hand, dangling from silver chains tied to a Logrusfoil thrust into a great branch. Her hair spilled down freely and her eyes were closed, her expression confused. Fire limned her, and the Heart of Flame hung in the air before her chest. Whatever she was seeking, she hadn't found it yet. Behind, above, and below her, a mighty tree swayed gently in the wind, and the Pattern floated above her, keeping watch."

--Asuka's Trump


Born of the Summer Rites, in 1333, her mother was the recently returned Princess Eowyn; her father is assumed to have been some Chaosian. Hauled around army camps by her mother as a child, she entered the Harad War Academy in 1347, and graduated at the top of her class in 1351 at the rank of Captain. In the final years of Bagok's war, she served with distinction, recieves a battlefield promotion to Major, and Tsuwabuki took her onto his general staff.

In 1363 AY, Asuka was promoted to the rank of Major. She is transferred to the HCWA, where she becomes Senior Tactics Instructor, running the annual wargames. In 1366-7, she leads the HCWA senior class on the Quest for Drake. In 1383 AY, she was Asuka now promoted to the rank of Colonel, and transferred to command of the forces garrisoning the forts of northern Harad.

During 1386-1391 AY, the Second Melnibonean War broke out. Under a new King, the Melniboneans invaded Amber. Amber called upon the Golden Circle for help, and a massive war resulted. Things went poorly for the Melniboneans. While they originally took Petra, as they marched on Caerlon, Marshal Tsuwabuki united with a Kashfan force and crushed the invaders. Asuka's successful performance in the battle leads to her promotion to General.

Asuka's corps swept through some of Melnibone's subject provinces. She won six victories and killed the High Sorceror-Priest of Mournfal.

In 1392, she took advantage of peace-time mobilization to take leave from the military. After a disastrous, brief career as an idol singer (asking her about this is a great way to DIE), she headed into Shadow, where she ended up spending a lot of time training with the family members in Chaos and their Chaos allies, especially with Moonshade, who Asuka seems to regard as the very quintessence of the perfect swordswoman (though not of the perfect general by a long shot.) She befriended Kurz, Melissa, Kaname, and Sousuke at this time.

Around 1410 AY, Asuka vanished into Shadow. Few members of the family saw her until 1424 AY, but she seemed incredibly bitter and angry. Towards the end of the period, she seems to have calmed down some, and began wearing her trademark red armor and carrying her flaming sword. Eventually, calmed down a lot, she was recruited by Kaname and Munchausen to help save House Helgram in 1424.

Since then, she has wandered in and out of Amber, but has let Tsuwabuki know that she'll happily resume military duties if a war breaks out.

She is known to have some affiliation with a shadow kingdom known as 'Celephais'; they granted her the title of 'Red Knight'. Whatever that means.

Personality and Aptitudes

Asuka, like Drake, is someone who is arrogant, but has earned it. In her area of expertise, of her generation, only Random can match her; Drake has admitted that both of them are better than he was at that age. She thus seems to see Random as her great rival, and seems to be mildly driven insane by the fact that Random takes it all so casually. And hugs people like a Harad.

Asuka does not hug like a Harad, except as a prelude to bodyslamming them. In her youth, she had a bit of a temper, but it's become much worse since the 1410s, though it's starting to mellow out again. She also has a very sharp tongue, with a definite talent for invective.

Like Moonshade, Asuka combines huge strength with her swordsmanship. While not on a level with the strength masters, she is much stronger than most Amberites of her generation.

She's also a swordswoman of great skill; of her generation, only Ota Minor and Tomos definitely outmatch her. It's debatable as to whether she, Sousuke, Setsuna, or Random is superior with a blade.

Asuka is also known to enjoy drawing in her spare time, though she's not very good at it, and likes to dance, play lots and lots of different sports, and to love to go riding and hang-gliding.

Asuka has mixed relations with her mother; they respect each other, but they fight a lot, sometimes for very stupid reasons.

Asuka is known to become very angry and bitter when Chaos is mentioned, though she remains friendly with various members of House Helgram. House Alars seems to especially send her into conniption fits.

Reactions to others:

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Notable Items

Asuka wears a suit of red platemail in battle, and fights with a flaming sword supposedly made for her by one of the Elder Gods, Karaakal. Asuka also carries the Crimson Cowl's flaming sword and the Logrusfoil Hope, and has been seen to fight with all three at once.

In-Game Developments

Asuka has been revealed to be the Child of Fire and gained her Icon. She also helped beat down Saruman of the Ascended Masters. She's currently pretty hacked off at Akari, but seems to have been successfully distracted from pursuing any revenge, having instead turned her attention against Galatea with Chloe and Sousuke, quite triumphantly.

Asuka has recently had a successful mission against the Ascended Masters to her credit.

Asuka has been involved in fixing things during the Logruswrack.

Asuka has since gone on to shack up with Chloe after a Heart-fueled session of alternate identity sex. She also has helped smack down Lemuria.

Since then, she has battled the Outsiders at Cathuria and become the proud Father of a Cosmic Peanut^H^H^H^H^H^Hthe Heart of Yig.

She has gone on to be transformed into an Order Goddess of Fire due to intercepting energies intended for Mobius / Palpatine in battle at Coruscant.

Asuka seems to have a few issues lately with making with the fire. She's currently running herd on Excel.