The Corunglain Free Rifle Company

The details of their origins vary by the teller, from claims they all grew up in the same small town to them all being the love-children of Bahumat and Jubilex. It's generally considered that at some point in time, they either were or pretended to be or were tricked into thinking they were a patrol unit for the Black Eagle Barony, although given their important role in the destruction of the Black Eagle Barony, some people doubt this. It's also possible that they are the servants of the Prophet Thrakmoss, that they're mercenaries in the employ of the Shires, that they're immortals in disguise, or that they are, in fact, a mass hallucination. Time will tell.

Rumor has it that they are all seeking to walk the various roads which lead to Immortality. The mere possibility of this has a lot of people very worried.

Roll Call