House Catala

House of Soldiers


One day, Drake was the third oldest member of the ruling house of Amber. The next day, he woke up and Amber was gone as if it had never been, conquered and destroyed by invaders from another Amber, all of his family dead except for a handful of survivors, several of whom quickly assimilated themselves into the ranks of the invaders.

Drake refused to bow before the new government of Order and took himself down to Chaos, where he offered his services to King Dios. King Dios accepted, soon making him Marshal of Chaos. What few folk survived the fall of Amber joined him, as did many Chaosians inspired by his vast talents (especially surviving Hendrakes). He fused them together to form House Catala.

Lord Drake

Drake, Ex-Wu

"I too know how it feels to lose everything."

- Rose

Drake is an often harsh and bitter man, tightly controlled and disciplined. He expects that same discipline of his children and his followers, and in return, he leads them to victory. He is a cautious, careful man, who believes that rushing into anything leads to disaster.

He is known to have a great dislike of Arcadia, though he is known to have said that Arcadia's generals (Thoric, Saionji, Van) do have skills worthy of respect, if misused in service of an idiot. He also squabbles with the High Priest of the Serpent (Mavros), who he regards as a worthless lecher.

He is still Marshal of Chaos and holds that office well.

Despite his bitterness, he is known to love his four children and wife, though he often squabbles with them as well.

House Aptitudes

House Catala is an army, somewhat like Sparta, if you remove the casual rape of young boys, the revelling in stupidity, and the utter lack of any noble purpose, and replace it with dedication to the defense of New Chaos against its enemies and the strengthening of New Chaosian unity. House Catala doesn't produce the mightiest warriors (despite Lady Xena's efforts), but it produces disciplined, well organized soldiers and officers, the best in Chaos.

House Geography

Visitors might notice the shadow bears a suspicious resemblance to Wu-Amber before the rise of Hel. New Catala is a port city at the mouth of a great bay to its east, with mountains to the north (in which rises the fortress of Catalaways proper), the Greenwood to the west, and a vale of farms along the coast heading south.

The shadow can only be accessed by certain sea lanes, by the pass which Catalaways guards or through the Greenwood.

Notable Catalans and Residents of Catalaways


Dignified and demure, Elizabeth is a diplomat and sorceress, strong of mind and gentle of voice, smoothing the waters her other siblings and parents stir up. She is Drake and Xena's third child. She has friends in many of the other houses, especially in Hermes and Redleaf. She is Magist of Catala.


Second child of Drake and Xena, Francis is a nature buff who loves the forest and enjoys nature from a quiet day to a howling storm. Normally a gentle man, he is quite ruthless in dealing with intruders to the Greenwood, whose Warden he is. He is a master of the hunt, skilled at chivvying invaders until they collapse from exhaustion and can be picked off. He is the strongest of Drake's children.


Eldest child of Drake and Xena, Jane is a brilliant leader of armies and knows it a little too well. She does not tolerate dissent well and is rather arrogant, though her skills back it up. She has a great fondness for horses (more than for humans, some complain), and a quirk of naming them after spices. She prefers to fight from horseback when possible, perhaps because she is the shortest of Drake's children. It is debatable whether she or Walter is a better fighter, but she's definitely a better leader of armies.


Youngest child of Drake and Xena, he takes more after his mother than his father, with an impulsive and joyous approach to life, which he tends to live on the largest scale possible. He is also rather a horndog; sent to be trained by the church, he ended up a Kundali priest much to his parents' displeasure, and now gets in a lot of trouble with his various antics. Most of the rest of his training didn't sink in very well, as he does not have a strong mind, nor is he a skillful user of the Logrus, though he did, at least, advance in the shifting arts. He is a crack shot and a fair hand in leading armies; his father, unwilling to make him Chaplain, appointed him Admiral of Catala, and he leads the small navy of Catala. As one might expect, his soldiers have a good reputation as fighters and a bad reputation which magnifies the usual stories about sailors threefold.


Wife to Drake, she is a fiery hellmaid from House Chulainn, a noble and brave warrior, though with a mean streak. She and Drake fight a lot because she thinks he is too cautious and he thinks she is far too reckless.

Allies and Subordinate Houses