House Chanicut

House of Naval Politicians


House Chanicut was traditionally a minor house of the Old Chaos, subordinate to Jesby, who kept it on retainer to aid Jesby's leaders who were poor at politics. With the devastation of House Darios on the Day of the Dead, Lord Tubble saw his chance to make Chanicut great and broke free of Jesby, recruiting survivors from various shattered houses and seeking to turn Chanicut into a great naval power.

Lord Chanicut


"If you could defeat pirates with a floor vote, Lord Chanicut would be the greatest naval commander ever."

- Hasimir, Lord Jesby

Lord Tubble is a cunning, wily politician who should have stuck to politics. However, with House Darios laid waste, he saw his chance to build his house into one of the great naval powers of Chaos. He has set out to do so with fervor, but not always with a lot of success.

He has a powerful mind, and is known to have studied the arts of trump, though he has not delved much beyond the basics. He is also a quite skillful Logrus master.

Lord Tubble favors his demon form, in which he resembles Quetzacoatl, being a winged, horned serpent. In his human form, he is a middle aged man with receeding brown hair streaked with grey and piercing orange eyes. He usually looks faintly aggravated. His avatar form is a serpent of stone.

House Aptitudes

House Chanicut has always been a very political house, skilled at gaining and granting favors and brokering deals. In some ways, they are almost a giant house of 'fixers'. Of late, at the command of Lord Tubble, they are trying to master naval warfare, but are having a harder time at it.

House Geography

The Ways of Chanicut is a vast sprawling collection of rooms linked together in ways which defy any two-dimensional mapping. There is no 'outside' to it. To enter, one must pass through one of the nine portals to other shadows controlled by the House, most of which contain Black Roads to other major houses.

One of these portals leads to Chanicutport, home to Chanicut's navy. While beautiful, it's clear to observers that Chanicut is still trying to grasp this whole 'navy' thing.

Notable Chanicutites and Residents of Chanicutways


Wife to Tubble and a former member of House Suroth, she is fairly anti-Amberite and anti-Arcadia, resenting the massive slaughter of her people at their hands. She sometimes quarrels with Tubble, but is known to be exceedingly faithful to him and is quite fervently anti-adultery.


Younger brother of Tubble and Grand Admiral of Chanicut. He has studied hard and now is a decent, if not spectacular, naval leader. He is also too blunt and honest for his own good, which is why he has stayed out of politics. He is sufficiently good with Logrus to burn Black Roads, and has done so to create trade routes between Chanicut's shadows and its trading partners. His wife is one of the few Helgram survivors, Mari.


Finnian is Justiciar of Chanicut and probably the handsomest man in the house. He is very popular and charismatic, and many think he has a great deal of behind the scenes influence on Lord Chanicut.


Mother of Tubble, she is a kindly, wise old woman with a great love for games of strategy, though she dislikes real combat. She is also the Magist of Chanicut, well versed in all three branches of magic.


Daughter of Tubble and Dillete, younger sister of Migdil. She has travelled over to Chaos and Amber in order to study naval warfare, and has a fair amount of skill. She is not entirely trusted because of a tendency to tell people what they want to hear, contradicting herself in the process.


Only surviving son of Tubble and his heir. He is a trump master of great skill, and a politician of note like his father. He has the naval talents of a rock.

Allies and Subordinate Houses