The Chaosian Succession Crisis

"The Courts needs a stronger central government. Our feuds and wars and divisions make us vulnerable without paying any real compensatory benefits. The result of these divisions is that only in times of greatest danger do we flock together; at any other time, we are typically at each other's throats. That must be a prelude to anything else, really, as unless Chaos becomes more united, no monarch will be able to do much more than Ishmael did, which is spending 90% of his time trying to get enough support to do anything meaningful. This is the best opportunity we've had for that in centuries, and may be the last chance we'll have if it is not seized now."

-- Lady Suroth of House Suroth, Queen of Chaos.

"There aren't many Usurpers who wave a flag which says 'Hi, I'm here to kill the rightful monarch and take the throne because I am a power-hungry pig'."

--Lady Azalyn of House Hendrake, Queen of Chaos.

In the wake of the Logruswrack of 1432, the Kingdom of Chaos is undergoing the first major test of its power-transfer mechanisms in its nearly 1500 year history. The transition from Dios to Ishmael in the 700's was very orderly, due in large part to the crystal-clarity of the law, Dios still being actually alive to hand over power personally, Ishmael being an experienced politician of great personal power, and Chaos being at peace and unthreatened.

None of these things are the case today. Chaos has been devastated by the Logruswrack, the legal status of the major claimants to the throne is indeterminate at best, and civil war loom as various factions struggle for power, as well as outside powers previously unconnected to Chaos possibly choosing this moment to tear off chunks of the kingdom for themselves.

The Factions