Foreign Players

With Chaos in disarray, other hands reach out to stir the pot...

Prince Touga

Touga has more or less assumed the role of Azalyn's majordomo and chief political advisor, and can probably be assumed to be the real power behind the Loyalists. One of the oldest living beings in the universe, he has a reputation for political savvy and tricksy cunning. If any one man can make the Courts dance to his tune, it is probably Touga.

Prince Orien

Prince Orien has, in recent weeks, been something of Anno's go-to guy for help in fixing the Logrus, assisting Anno in multiple Logrus-repair tasks of great import. He stopped an assassination attempt on Azalyn; otherwise, he seems to be staying out of politics.

Princess Random

Already a famous recording artist in Chaos, Random has founded an organization called the Order of the Rose in the wake of the Logruswrack; it seems this is some sort of fan club, propaganda machine, paramilitary organization, and outright army. It has become a primary line of defense for Chaos while the other houses recover from the Logruswreck, keeping the peace mostly in the Black Zone region and most recently defending it from a massive pirate raid. Random has thus far promoted the ideal of Chaosian unity, denounced any further infighting amongst Chaosians and called for her followers to be good samaritans, but has not expressed much else for her followers to use as guidelines. In the current succession crisis, She has yet to take an official stand on who should be the new ruler of Chaos. However, Random is very, very friendly with Azalyn (known to be a huge fan) so can be presumed to have Loyalist sympathies.

Random has been something of an absentee founder, dealing with crises in Arcadia; it is presumed at some point she will return to deal with her burgeoning organization.

Princess Akari

Akari was thrust into the forefront of Chaosian consciousness recently by her role as Song of the Phoenix in leading the dead of the Logruswrack to rest, and is viewed very well by the general public as a result. Given that knowledge of the Phoenix is relatively obscure in Chaos, many probably believe that she is another religious figure of the Serpent. These things in combination may give any views that she holds on the matter more weight; as it is, however, she has not made any such things yet known, aside from a strong desire that civil war be avoided if at all possible. On the other hand, she is known to have spent much time in Loyalist Helgram recently, as another ritual was needed to sing their dead home due to the Abyssal incursion at the time, and rumors state that she went as far as to descend into the Abyss to rescue their souls which had been taken away. Lord Loewen is known to think quite highly of her now.

Beyond that, however, Akari has largely avoided politics and seems to be restricting her further activities in Chaos to assisting Anno with tasks needed to repair the Logrus and restore Balance to the universe.

Princess Shiori

Shiori has been involved in various cleanup operations in Chaos; she seems to be more interested in helping to establish peace and putting down trouble before it spreads than supporting any one particular platform when she provides help. She has gone on missions within House Jesby, House Helgram, Megatokyo, and House Tremere, as well as assisting Random in stopping the predations of Dread Pirate Barbara. It can be assumed, however, that she will tend to defer towards whatever Amber, Ember, and Rebma's combined policy is regarding the Chaosian Succession, given her active Naval Commission.

Kong Interstellar Corp

This enigmatic corporation has appeared overnight, and has taken a place on the stage of the Chaosian economy. It has largely based itself out of the City itself and the various Tech Cities, but its shipping concerns and construction are slipping into every part of the realm. Kong's success has been put down to having two Princesses of Amber on retainer as negotiators, a reputation for fair and generous business practices, canny reclaimation projects, and good PR. They appear to be taking no sides at all in the struggle for the throne, but seem willing to sell both sides whatever they may need.

Kong is a corporation and not an army, but they do have a lot of military hardware lying around waiting to be sold to people, and they maintain an escort force of ships to prevent pirates from gutting their convoys. Also, stockholder Asuka DOES have an army. A very, very, very big army. She has not seemed inclined to use it on Kong's behalf, but then, she hasn't had any call to...