Chaosian Politics


Before the Logruswrack, Chaos was divided into the following factions:

Royal Faction

Great Houses: Alars, Helgram, Hendrake, Jesby, Nurgal

Free Cities: Al-Rassan, Brandenburg

Minor Houses of Note:

The biggest revolution in Chaosian politics in centuries happened during the Herald Crisis, in which the main opposition to the throne not only collapsed, but most of it came over to the Throne.

The Royal Faction was friendly to Amber and to some extent inter-married with Amberites (Davros of Nurgal married Motoko of Amber, Touga of Amber married Suu of Alars).

Opposition Faction

Great Houses: Darios, Formorian, Tremere

Free Cities: Sarantium

Minor Houses of Note:

Being bent over a barrel and taken repeatedly during the Herald Crisis united these houses in their disgust for Amber and the Throne of Chaos. They are not as strong an alliance as the royal faction, as each house has its own agenda it tries to drag the other two into and it often simply sets its policies by 'whatever the Throne and Amber will hate'.

Aesir Faction

Great Houses: Aesir, Vanir

Free Cities: Venetia

Minor Houses of Note:

Aesir and Vanir have been traditional allies; they have stayed out of politics to a large degree, but have tended to vaguely back the Throne when push comes to shove. Mostly, the House long prepared for the Herald Crisis due to certain old prophecies; it has since been seeking a new major purpose.

Both houses have long focused on building their skill as individual fighters and sea-travellers; they are heroes, rather than soldiers.

New Cities

Free Cities: Coruscant, Gotham, MegaTokyo?, Zeta Cygni Minor Houses:

The New Cities form a powerbloc which has a great interest in technology and in remaining free of the control of the Great Houses. Unlike the Old Cities, which have largely aligned themselves with various powerblocs in order to plot against each other, they mostly stay out of politics and focus on SCIENCE!

House Danaani

Great Houses: Danaani

Free Cities: Valencia

Minor Houses of Note:

House Danaani has long feuded with House Formorian. This feud has tended to shape their politics, largely keeping them busy sparring with Formorian instead of getting into politics. They have tended to oppose a stronger central government, however.

They are strongly independent by nature, which has hampered getting help against Formorian, but were thought to be looking for allies before the Logruswrack.

House Olympus

Great Houses: Olympus

House Olympus is unusual in that many of its subordinate houses are semi-democratic 'free cities', smaller, weaker versions of the Great Free Cities. In local parlance, they are called a 'polis'. They are typically ruled by a government democratically elected by the body of citizens, who usually make up about 10-20% of the population. Another ten percent or so are free men who are not citizens, often foreign in origin and sometimes citizens of nearby Ways. The remaining population are usually serfs or slaves, usually gathered by raids on the shadows of the Chaos end of things.

House Olympus is normally too busy looking for nookie to get into politics, and usually backed whoever offered them the most chances for interesting sex and beer. They have, however, at times come forward to back measures which increased the autonomy of the Great Houses.

They are unusual in that they are the only house able to stay on good terms with both Formorian and Danaani, possibly because neither house takes them seriously.

House Suroth

Great Houses: Suroth

Free Cities: Lankhmar (Lesser)

Minor Houses of Note:

House Suroth has stayed out of politics in order to have time to practice martial arts and shapeshifting and to explore shadow. House Suroth usually backs any measure which helps protect the Courts from invasion and stays out of most other issues unless well bribed.


With Ishmael dead and the houses in ruins, the political landscape of Chaos may well be about to change.

House Aesir

Devastated by the Fenris Wolf, House Aesir has lost most of its leadership and its Logrusfoil. They may rally to the side of Azalyn, thanks to the aid sent to them from the Princess' court. The two best claimants to the throne are Loki (eldest surviving member, best claim by blood) and Shinobu Minor of Amber (best claim by adoption, better liked than Loki).

Update: Thanks to Random, Loki and Shinobu Minor have reconciled and the house has gone over to Azalyn.

House Alars

Lady Talia and Lord Xaemyl killed each other and Lord Baruch, younger sibling of Lady Talia has claimed the throne in the absence of Lady Suu, who technically has a better claim, but seems to have vanished at the same time that Alarsways turned into a rampaging giant robot...

UPDATE : Lady Suu has been rescued from Mecha-Alarsways by Random, Juri, Touga, and Old Man Cox. Mecha-Alarsways was last seen rampaging towards one of the cross-universe portals from Chaos to New Chaos.

Lord Baruch seems to have moved himself to align with Azalyn.

House Danaani

Lady Marian has claimed the throne in the wake of her Father's death.

Danaani has declared for House SUroth, bringing Valencia (and indirectly Gotham) with it.

House Darios

With Lady Mina dead, there seems to be a power struggle in progress in the House. Darios Minor and Halder are struggling over the succession, although thanks to Lord Shanks this seems likely to soon resolve.

It might be reasonably anticipated that whoever wins, they will likely back House Formorian, their allies, but it may be that one or the other of them has other plans.

House Formorian (House Firbolg)

Lord Kaled has applied to the Priests of the Serpent to be recognized as King and remains in control.

House Helgram

Status under revision as cleanups following the 'Metal Gear Helgram' battle are underway. Loewen is out of his cocoon and has butterfly wings :) He is not happy about this. Tomoe, Mataka, Melissa, Hoji, Hotaru, and Kodachi survived; the rest of Loewen's original Ten Swords have died. If anyone else lived in the higher ranks it's unknown, though much of Helgram's ranks were culled either by Logrus madness during the 'wrack or used as fodder by Cydno, Loewen's estranged Heretic son.

UPDATE: Sousuke, Suzuka, Michelle, two Kanames, Orien, Shiori, Yumi, Yomiko, Katherine, Nanbara, and Soujiro devised a plan to infiltrate and take down the Abyssal Infestation in Helgram. They managed to pull this off, though in the process learned just WHY it's a bitch taking down Abyss Masters. However, it could have been much worse.

They also found another Kanako. Who doesn't have as much fasion sense as the original. We have yet to get any comment from the principals on this development.

House Hendrake

Most of the House leadership is dead and the Black House is in ruins. But Princess Azalyn seems determined to claim her father's throne and has had much aid from Amber.

House Jesby

House Jesby was plunged into civil war as the exiled Ladies Susan and Nancy returned to try to stage a coup. They lost, thanks to Orien and Shiori wiping out their force and capturing them.

Lord Nelson is now in control and has declared for Azalyn.

House Nurgal

Anaxibius Minor has taken the throne and is marching forces to the support of Azalyn.

House Olympus

Most of the leadership is dead and Lords Hercules and Plato were locked in battle for control of the House. This seems to have been resolved with the assassination of Lord Plato.

Olympus seems likely to go Pro-Formorian, unless this looks utterly suicidal. Of course, at their strength, almost anything might be suicidal.

House Suroth

It has survived, largely intact, and is now in the process of preparing to assert a claim to the throne on behalf of Lady Suroth.

House Tremere

House Tremere lost most of its leaders and is currently deadlocked trying to resolve procedural difficulties which block appointing new leaders. This continues to drag on, though it appears that they may come to a conclusion soon as to how to elect the remaining councilmembers and the new Lord Tremere. Also, they just recently had an Outsider-artifact-using traitor exposed and put down. Hopefully, they will clean up the remains of said taint and get their act in gear.

It is unclear who they will back, but the odds favor Fomorian.

House Vanir

Devasted by Fenris, aided by Amber. Doric has become Lord Vanir and has joined the Royalist faction, having apparently decided that House Olympus is not the most attractive of allies at the moment...

The Free Cities