Character Quiz

Here's a set of questions to work out and email to your friendly neighborhood Madman/DM (

All refernces to 'you' are generally the character, not the player.

Hypothetical Situations

King Tylor tells you to end a civil war in Daiga? How would you do it?

Touga tells you that the King of Therin needs to die. Do you take the job of killing him? Why or why not? How would you go about it? (In general terms--through stealth, crash a meteor into the capital, etc)

Drake hands you a sword and tells you to climb Kolvir Pass and hold it against the Moonriders of Ghenesh. What do you do?

Saionji comes on to you. How do you respond? (If you're male, Kozue comes on to you. How do you respond?)

Juri offers to train you if you write a book about some topic of interest to you. What would you write about?

Do you enjoy being hugged by Corrine? Do you like to hug people yourself? Or do you beg off the hugs?

If Miki asked you to play a duet with him, what instrument would you play? Would you sing? Or would you just die of embarrassment?

Kozue invites you to be her second in command for a five year term of naval service. Would you accept? Why?

Utena needs some help slaying monsters which are raiding Cathay. Would you be willing to help?

Wakaba wants your advice on how to deal with Queen Coral. What do you tell her?

Would you go drinking with Vash if he asked you to?