Shadow Purchase Costs

You can purchase an entire universe of your own design if you so desire.  By spending points on a shadow, you gain control over it and can define it to your liking.  It can be your playground, your refuge, your fortress, or your prison for your enemies. Spending points on a shadow also makes it more Real, thus making it harder for your enemies to tinker with it, and makes it part of your legend, and thus nearly impossible to permanently destroy without killing you first.

Shadows have three aspects you can buy up. The first one is obligatory (Location), while the other two are optional.  Taking the most expensive property for Defenses and Communications Barriers properties gives you all the benefits of the cheaper options as well.



Control of Contents

Example of Shadow Design

Patty decides she wants to have her own Shadow.  She decides to model it after seventeenth century France as seen in the Three Musketeers.  She names it Aquitania.  After considering her choices, she decides it's a place her character mostly goes to for fun, so she doesn't want to sink a lot of points into it.  She spends a single point, making it a Personal Shadow.

Melvin is creating a prison shadow used by his Amberite, Mandrake.  He takes the following properties:  

The shadow will cost him 7 points. He decides it is a shadow of zero gravity breathable wine.  Anyone who enters it will swiftly become drunk.  It is guarded by a horde of mermen who prevent people coming in and out freely without his permission (Guarded), and it can only be entered through a great coral archway (Restricted Access).  Magic does not work in it, nor does high technology.  Logrus cannot get in or out (Communications Barrier).  He has altered the time flow so that a year passes in Amber for every day a person spends trapped in it.