Someone is trumping you.

Motoko takes the trump.

You see Anno in multiple sweatdrop mode in what you recognize as the cave where the entrance to the logrus is."

Motoko gets a sinking feeling. "Hello, Anno-sama."

Anno says faintly, "Jacqui's left to go on a date with the Logrus."

Motoko stares. "Excuse me, I'm sorry, I must have misheard." She laughs. "I could have sworn I heard you say that Jacqui's gone on a date with the Logrus."

Anno says, "No, I'm afraid they've gone to Dworkinland. I believe it's become jealous that the Serpent has a lover and it doesn't."

Motoko asks, "Oh. I'm surprised Jacqui didn't suggest a double date." She laughs again, but looks vaguely hurt, then peers at Anno. "Now... this is a joke, right?"

Anno says, "Have you ever heard me joke?"

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Motoko thinks hard. "No. You don't really seem the joking type." Her expression turns rather desperate. "But you might just have a very subtle sense of humour, one that causes you to make jokes about Jacqui going on a date with the Logrus." Pause. "But that's not it, is it?"

"I'm afraid I'm completely serious."

Motoko says, "Mmm."

Motoko asks, "What kind of a boyfriend is the Logrus?"

Motoko has rather the same expression she did when Shinobu Minor showed up as a warrior hussy.

Anno says, "The Logrus gets this idea of dating someone into its head every so often. It usually ends with multiple shadows turning inside out and exploding while turning into potatos."

Motoko says, "Mmm."

Motoko asks, "Is Jacqui-chan going to be all right?"

Anno says, "I will keep an eye on her. Hopefully, the infatuation will pass soon before there's any messy consequences."

Motoko twitches. "Such as Jacqui-chan turning inside out and exploding while turning into a potato?"

Anno says, "Hopefully, she won't summon the eye of the Serpent to try to show off."

Motoko asks, "Would that result in the destruction of the universe as we know it?"

Anno says, "It would likely be an irresitable temptation to it, and that could have catastrophic consequences."

Motoko says, "Mmm."

He says, "Fortuantely, I think she isn't likely to do that on a first date."

Motoko says, "I love Jacqui-chan, but I think the next time I see her, I'm going to pick her up and shake her very hard."

Motoko says, vaguely, "You'd be surprised. Jacqui-chan seems very shy and chaste, but she was a student of Yumi-san's, and..." Pause. "I hope she doesn't try to Rampaging Tiger Kiss the Logrus."

Anno twitches. "That could be very bad, yes. I will have to kill whoever tried to teach the Logrus about french kissing some time."

Motoko sighs. "I don't suppose she gave you the trump I lent her to give back to me?"

He says, "No, what trump was this?"

Motoko says, "Yours."

He says, "She still has it, which is probably good, as it means she can call me if she needs me."

Motoko nods. "Yes, that's good." Pause. "I suppose I'll have to tell Moonshade her sister's gone on a date with the Logrus and may not be back for a while."

Anno nods. "Yes, that would be a good idea. They might be back soon, or they might not be back for a while, although I told the Logrus to bring her home before midnight."

Motoko says, "I just hope they use protection if they go all the way." Motoko does a kind of full-body twitch that begins at her eyebrows and finishes somehow below her ankles. "Thank you for telling me, Anno-sama. I hope everything else went well, other than Jacqui deciding to go on a date with the Logrus."

Anno says, "Everything is otherwise fine, I think."

Motoko says, "That's good. I'm glad Jacqui was finally able to talk to you."

Anno nods. "Yes. There was a lot for us to discuss. And I have not seen her in a very long time. She's grown up into a fine young lady."

Motoko says, "She has." Motoko wrinkles her nose. "Although I think she could use some dating advice, but... then again, I'm probably not the best person to give it."

Anno nods. "Neither am I, I'm afraid."

he says, "You're heading to House Vanir today, correct?"

Motoko nods. "Uncle Miki thinks it should go well, unless any of us get seasick. After House Olympus and House Alars, I'm really ready for anything."

    1. ^_- ##

    1. -_- ##

    1. H_H ##

Anno nods. "Well, you'll likely have much more fun there than with House Formorian or House Tremere."

Anno says, "Hopefully, House Tremere will not hold Gaav's death against your delegation."

Motoko says, "I suppose we shall just have to wait and see." She sighs. "Even though from a certain standpoint I can recognize that all the things I'm doing here, with Uncle Miki, are perhaps the most important things I'll ever do, in the long run... I hate feeling like I'm just sitting around."

Motoko says, "Especially so when Daffyl has already captured two of my family."

Anno nods. "Diplomacy is not very exciting, and it eats up alot of time. But the rewards of peace can be great."

Motoko nods. "I'm learning a lot just watching Uncle Miki." She smiles faintly. "Maybe when this is all over, I'll see about staying down here permanently as Amber's representative."

Anno smiles. "I'm sure you would make a good ambassador."

Motoko says, "Perhaps. These times have done a lot to blunt some of my harder edges, and sharpen some dull ones." She nods. "I'll talk to you later. Please take care of Jacqui-chan."

Viluy wakes up.

He nods. "I will. See you later, Motoko-san."

Motoko says, "Goodbye, Anno-sama." And she goes off to tell Jacqui's short-tempered and violent sister that Jacqui's gone off on a date with the Living Sign of Chaos.


Motoko murmurs, as she walks, "Maybe some kind of Pattern chastity belt..."

Motoko says, "That would keep the Logrus out..."

You find Moonshade pacing about in the garden as she waits for Jacqui to come back. "Hey," she says as you approach.

Motoko says, "Hello, Moonshade." Pause. "Jacqui may be a while."

Moonshade says, "She and Anno have a lot to talk about?"

Motoko says, "Err. No." Pause. "She's gone on a date."

Moonshade BLINKS. "Date? She and her own great-great- grandfather are on a DATE???"

Motoko waves her hands frantically. "No, no. Not with Anno- sama! With the Logrus." Pause. "I believe they went to Dworkinland."

Moonshade twitches. "With the LOGRUS? How did the cave get up and go on a date with someone?"

Motoko says, "I think it was with the Living Sign of the Logrus, which is kind of this twisty pinwheel-octopus-Rorschach-test thing that speaks in a very weird voice." Pause. "It testified at Uncle Shizumaru's trial."

Motoko pauses again. "It turned Gilva-san into a potato."

Moonshade says, "And it's on a date with MY SISTER? We have to stop it before it's too late! I've got a Patternblade! We can take it!"

Motoko says, "Anno-sama says he's going to keep an eye on her." Pause. "Everything will be fine." Pause. "Unless it isn't." Pause. "But the Logrus is a Primal Power, and I don't really think there's anything we could do."

Motoko rubs her temples slightly. "I'm sorry," she says dully. "I'm not very good with this. I should be. I'm sort of dating the Serpent of Chaos, whom the Logrus is apparently jealous of, which caused it to date Jacqui." Pause. "Not that Jacqui isn't very attractive in her own rite; I don't mean to say that jealousy was its only motivation."

Moonshade says, "Dating a snake, huh? Must get pretty funky in bed."

Motoko says, quite straightfaced, "Well, we haven't actually had any kind of physical consumation yet. So far it's been mostly a kind of very elevated, spiritual, metaphysical kind of love."

Moonshade says, "Ahh, the boring kind."

She says, "But whatever floats your boat. At least you ain't sitting around, pining away like Mom's been for thousands of years."

Motoko says, "It is not boring. Just occasionally I feel a bit... unfulfilled." Pause. "That should all change after High Summer, though." She sits down on a bench in the garden. "What's your mother like? I hardly know anything at all about where you came from."

"My mother's name is Nienna. She is the Valar of Wisdom gained through Sorrow. Which basically means she's weepy and mopy all the time, and spends her time comforting people. And her tears irrigate a lot of crops. But she's very sweet and kind."

Motoko asks, "Mmm. I know you've met my mother. I'm not sure... is there anything you'd like to know about her?"

Motoko stares off into the flowerbed. Such pretty flowers. Jacqui's dating the Logrus. Pretty flowers.

Moonshade starts to ask something, then falls silent. She starts again, then falls silent. Finally, she says, "How did your father end up marrying her? She's not from Amber, right?"

Motoko nods. "Mother's from Lipun. She was born very poor, the daughter of peasants, but she showed a talent for magic very early." She folds her arms atop her knees and leans forward slightly, pursing her lips. "When she was about eighteen, she ran away to Amber, and eventually ended up working for my grandmother. During the last crisis, when Annadil tried to open the Gate of Revolution, she ended up working with your father and mine on a number of different missions, and..." She shrugs. "Something just sort of clicked between her and Father, I suppose."

Moonshade sighs. "My parents basically ran into each other, had sex, then Dad left and never came back and Mother spent the next few thousand years pining away for him. So...what's it like. Having a father, I mean."

There is a distant rumble of thunder and something about Gideon being a punk ass bitch drifts by on the wind. Or maybe you imagined it.

Motoko takes a little while to find what she wants to say. "I don't really know if I can say," she says eventually. "I think, like any other relationship, it's different for everyone. I don't really take after Father much as far as skills go, though I have some of his personality." She pauses and looks up at the sound of (perhaps) thunder, then shrugs. "When I was growing up, as a little girl, I remember him playing a lot of games with me... he's the strongest man I know, probably the strongest in our family, but he was always very gentle."

Motoko looks rather embarassed. "I don't know if what I'm saying is making any sense. Perhaps it's just that I've always known I can count on Father to love me in a way that..." She pauses. "In a way that it's not always been so easy with my mother."

Moonshade says, "Yeah, I know. He could go a few rounds with Uncle Tulkas." She asks, "You and your mother don't get along?"

Motoko says, "Not always. I love my mother a lot, but we tend to argue, and we've had some fairly bitter fights." She wrinkles her nose. "These days, though, I find myself understanding her better than I did before."

Motoko asks, "So... what's it like having a sister?"

Motoko almost unconsciously touches the golden rose pin hidden beneath her clothing.

Moonshade says, "It's great. Even if Jacqui can get pretty weird sometimes, it's nice having someone I can rely on here. Everything's just been...bigger than I ever expected."

Motoko nods. "That's rather how I've felt since I came to know Chaos."

Moonshade says, "I always feel like I'm thirty pages behind, so to speak. And now my sister's run off to date the Logrus." She looks thoughtful. "Does the Pattern date people too?"

Motoko says, "I don't think so, although Aunt Corrine and Aunt Hiko are both married to Pattern Knights, who are a kind of avatar of the Patterns." Her face falls a little at the mention of Hiko.

Moonshade nods. "Well, I haven't been too lucky so far in Amber, but I intend to keep on trying."

Motoko smiles slightly. "Looking for someone of your own, are you?"

Moonshade nods. "Yeah. And sort of keeping an eye out for someone for Jacqui. She gets really lonely sometimes."

Motoko colours a little, then says, softly, "Yes, I think she does. And if she had someone, she probably wouldn't do things like go on dates with the Logrus." She pauses. "I wish I had someone to introduce you to, but the only men I've really met recently have all been Chaosians."

Motoko says, "And I think, given how things stand at the moment, introducing you or Jacqui to any of them might be a bit chancy."

Moonshade says, "Are any of them strong and tall? And built like a rock?"

Motoko is about to shake her head, then blinks. "Well, there is Kuno-san." Then she does shake her head. "Problematically, he's the brother of the wife of Lord Alars, and Jacqui is still technically a wanted criminal by them."

Motoko says, "And he may even already be married into House Alars; I'm not sure. Moriya knows him better than I do."

Moonshade says, "Well, I'm not sure what Jacqui's taste in men is anyway."

Motoko colours a bit more, but only mumbles something about not really being sure either.

Moonshade says, "Although I think she likes women too, as she had a big crush on Shinobu."

Motoko blinks rapidly. "Did she tell you that?"

Moonshade says,"I'm not blind. It was pretty obvious to anyone who's been around them both. Although she hasn't admitted it to me yet."

Motoko doesn't seem to know what to say at first. "I think she probably wasn't sure what you'd think," she says eventually. "I was with her right after she... well, told Shinobu-chan how she felt. It didn't go very well for her."

Moonshade says, "It was worse when were in Akasha and Shinobu was getting it on with Keitaro every night. Jacqui was pretty miserable. Luckily, Mutsumi was pretty good at making Jacqui feel better."

Motoko blinks some more, then blushes furiously. "I expect Mutsumi needed some comfort herself, if Keitaro-san and Shinobu- chan were, err, 'getting it on' every night in Akasha."

Moonshade says, "Oh, not like you're thinking. Jacqui and Mutsumi just talked and hugged and stuff. If they had sex, it wasn't when I was looking. But Shinobu and Keitaro...I hope I never shout 'Ride me like a hurricane' during Sex."

Motoko says, rather unconvincingly, "That wasn't what I was thinking." Pause. "I suppose that's the kind of thing she learned growing up a warrior hussy." She sounds slightly disapproving.

Moonshade says, "You think the Aesir trained her to shout 'Ride me like a hurricane' during sex? Man, they must be really weird there."

Motoko coughs. "Well, I expect she didn't learn it before she went to House Aesir."

Moonshade says, "Well, if you ever hear me shouting that, please kill me."

She says, "It sure had an effect on Keitaro, though."

Motoko says, "Moonshade, to be entirely honest, I suspect that if I am ever in the position to hear what you shout during sex, I'll probably die of embarassment before being able to kill you." She sighs. "So... he finally made his choice."

Moonshade says, "I think she sort of made it for him, but yeah."

Motoko says, "It takes two to tango, as they say."

Moonshade nods. "He seemed a lot bolder afterwards than he'd been on the Mystara trip. But it caused a lot of trouble between them and Jacqui, especially after he made her get rid of Kuonji."

Motoko winces. "Mutsumi talked to me about that. I can't say I blame him."

Moonshade says, "He would have been useful, but he's a bit of an asshole, and I don't trust him. Still, sometimes you want to keep your friends close and your enemies closer, as they say."

Moonshade says, "Keitaro had good reason to be pissed, though."

Motoko says, "Yes. I suspect he and Shinobu would have left if Kuonji had stayed."

She nods. "Which could have been ugly, given how much they did for us on the mission."

Motoko says, "I'd rather have two people I can trust on a mission with me than one I can't, no matter how clever or potent she is."

Moonshade nods. "Yep. Well, in the end, Jacqui did choose them over him."

Motoko says, "It was the right choice."

Motoko stares upwards. "I wonder how the date is going."

Moonshade says, "They're probably off blowing up shadows together."

Motoko says, "One can hope. There are less pleasant possibilities."

Moonshade nods. "This is true."

Loewen says, "OOC And cut, as it's way late and I need sleeeep."

Motoko says, "OOC: As do I."

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