Daughter of Kozue, former destroyer of worlds, current Crafter, Pimp of Shadow

She was given to me to put things right
And I stacked all my accomplishments beside her
Still I seemed so obsolete and small
I found God and all His devils inside her
In my bed she cast the blizzard out
A mock sun blazed upon her head
That's how completely filled with light she was
Her shadow fanged and hairy and mad
Our love-lines grew hopelessly tangled
And the bells in the chapel went jingle-jangle... you love me?

With one hand on the hexagram
And one hand on the girl
I balance on a wishing well
That all men call the world
We're so small between the stars
So large against the sky
And lost among the subway crowds
I try to catch your eye

"One eye filled with blueprints, and one eye filled with night."


"This card showed an observatory room, a large and complex telescope dominating it, with the World Tree visible through the window in the distance. A figure leaned against the apparatus, smiling in a manner that was both gentle and somewhat predatory, eyes serpentine under long purple hair tied back in a warrior's tail. An ugly scar on her neck marred otherwise flawless, if oddly pale skin. She was dressed in loose grey clothing half-open at the chest that showed off a compact, muscular frame, with a blue mantle draped over her shoulders. A black sword with a hilt in the shape of a green tree hung at one hip, and she extended one hand towards the viewer; a ring lay on her palm. Her other hand loosely gripped a wineglass, swirling the contents. Her head was only half-turned to me; most of her attention seemed to be focused off to the right, where a hint of a shadow could be seen, reflected on the wall by firelight, all curves and arched back and cascading hair. Discarded pieces of red armor littered the floor. This was Chloe, the Crafter, creator of wonders, scholar, sensualist... and a killer, of gods as well as men. One could trust her with one's life or mission; with one's maidenhood, honor, or wife, probably not."

-- Chloe's Trump


Chloe's full past remains shadowy and dim to most of the family, although it has become somewhat common knowledge in the family that she was raised in Shadow by a foster parent named Altena, spent a fair amount of time doing things of questionable legality in Chaos, and visited Arcadia at some point. Her father remains a mystery to most.

A few people have managed to pry somewhat more detailed information out of her. She apparently has spent her life killing Outsider cultists for Delta Green, having been trained for this since childhood. She was fostered by House Helgram under the guise of an infiltration and trained in swordsmanship, theology, and politics by Loewen, Anji, and Usui in the hopes of creating a replacement for Soujiro. Chloe seems to have been an apt pupil, but also one who reached radically different conclusions on what was taught to her than her teachers would have hoped.

Chloe infiltrated the Red Dragons to a high level, rising to one of the top positions in their syndicate before having to break cover to rescue Azalyn after the Logruswrack. She was one of the more deadly weapons of Delta Green, purging cultists and DG agents who had turned due to reading one too many evil tome.

Chloe studied matters Sidar under Prince Kuonji at some point in the past, although he does not appear to have been aware of her heritage at the time. Openly aware, anyway.

Comments made would indicate that Chloe is around 149 years old, although this may reflect the frequent periods of fast-time study that an obsessive, multi-disciplined Pattern Master would be prone to, making her exact year of birth a mystery.

Personality and Aptitudes

In general, Chloe is friendly in a low-key sort of way, but stunted emotionally. She has the same surface emotions that most people do... she laughs, worries, gets irritated, etc... but finds extremes of passion difficult at best and largely unimportant. Most of her decisions are based on cold pragmatism and duty; it is worth noting that the one major time she had to pick between love and reason, reason won. Despite being capable of dislike, actual hatred is an alien emotion to her - enemies are simply obstacles to be eliminated. While this may largely sound positive, it has also meant that her few eruptions of true anger have been volcanic and violent, and means she often has trouble understanding or emphasising with goals undertaken from emotion that seem to her unproductive.

Chloe is one of the scariest fighters in the family. Her deceptively thin frame is corded with muscle; only Ramon, Kyou, and her sister Yurika can clearly best her in a test of strength. Her skill as a swordswoman is in the realm of the supernatural; she is one of the family's champions with a blade. Her mind is very powerful, stronger than most of her generation, although at the lowest rung of the mental specialists. She has a vast and cryptic talent for using the Pattern, and is one of the family's masters of it. She is one of the experts on the Sidar; only Beowulf and Kuonji match her among those who didn't actually live during the era. At some point along the line she seems to have been entrusted with the lore of the Elder Gods, possibly due to her success in fighting the Outsiders. She is one of the most skillful artificers in creation, having recovered much lore than had been lost in the Fall, gained the forge-secrets of practically every major power except Logrus and the Abyss, become a master of things relating to weapons, and accepted the mantle of the Crafter.

Chloe is apparently one of the Lords of Order, or a good imitation of one.

Chloe apparently experiences discomfort in the presence of the Logrus, ranging from just looking a bit disgusted to full-blown violent retching and pink foam.This might go a long way towards explaining her attitudes towards Chaos. Also, apparently the Logrus dislikes her. The hatred seems to have subsided on both sides by a large degree.

She can play the bagpipes rather well, although her singing leaves much to be desired. Although she has proven to be an alarmingly good rapper, at least in the sense that 'good' and 'rapper' ever go together.

Chloe seems to be very fond of Keiko, Nagisa, and Miki, and to view Minor, Random, Sousuke, Nanbara, Akari, and Anya as friends. She is very fond of/friendly with both Anthy and Kaname, but also lusts after them, a fact which she has kept concealed with varying degrees of success and which she finds awkward at best. She has shown great respect for Drake and Fuyutsuki, and finds most of the rest of the family at the least enjoyable company. The notable exceptions to this is the Quartet, Miroku, and Ota Minor. She and Asuka have become inseperable, although seem to be refraining from any PDA. Her relationship with her mother has a certain edge of strain to it.

Like her sister Shinobu, Chloe was a bit of a puritan, advocating among other things that people date for three years before sex. This changed somewhat dramatically after the Heart of Fire switched her drive from 'neuter' to 'rabbit'. She seems to have switched over to being an unabashed pervert, openly remarking on the desirability of friends and relatives and giving out tutorials on complex fornication, although she doesn't seem to have backed up the talk with action. At the moment she seems to be taking the attitude of, "I can look all I like as long as I don't do anything." It remains to be seen if this is a successful strategy or just a form of self-delusion, like 'I can quit any time I want to.'

Chloe's insignia is the Alpine Rose; she has expressed a great love for flowers while in Rebma.

Chloe bears a burn scar around her neck that refuses to completely heal, the legacy of Yig. In the process of repairing the World-Tree, she and Asuka and Jewel became the parents of its central processor, the Heart of Yig. The exact ramifications of this are unknown. She designed the god-realms around Yig and the Celestial Calendar Temple on its grounds, and forged the Phoenix Spikards for Balance. She seems to have aligned with Balance under the logic that since Order becomes self-destructive and goes off the rails when it gets too much power, one of the best ways to serve Order is to keep a strong, tranquil cosmological Balance between it and Chaos.

Chloe seems to be building up an industrial empire in Chaos for some unknown purpose.

It would appear that Chloe's mind broke at some point, and is not completely back in full working order yet. Whether this will improve or continue to degenerate is unknown.

Chloe's soul is old, and the unpleasant details of her previous lives seem to be known to her and an element in her madness. It has been revealed that her soul is part of a dark Triumvirate that has manipulated her, her past lives, and much of the universe, pushing all towards destruction. She has taken two major steps to defeat these plans; first exposing Altena's takeover in Rebma, and then eliminating the Book of Noir by forging Caldaegraed.

Summary of Chloe's Career in F9R

Chloe went off on a mission to take care of the KODT once and for all, which led her, Keiko, Kaname, Kanna, and now Minor to the City of Brass. The mission wound up as a semi-success; Chloe took out El Ravager and Minor the woman, but they were chased off by the appearance of a group of Outsidery bad-asses, KUGAR, who apparently control the Trio. No-one is very happy at this state of affairs, and a rematch seems likely.

This was followed by Chloe having a really bad day, in which she discovered a hole in Reality leading outside, had a bodiless Outsider snack on her lifeforce before killing it, got attacked by six Chaosian, a Shadow Storm, a pack of wolves, four Hunting Horrors, a horde of turtle-badged snipers, and a bulette in rapid succession, was arrested by Drake and hauled back to Amber in chains, interrogated, found innocent, and finally told her mother and sister were filthy traitors who eat babies. Then she was treated to two helpings of Gendo/Rei? porn and blown up.

It is worth noting that many other members of the family had a far worse day. Which is bloody terrifying if you ask me.

After escaping Day 4 via Pattern Explosion, Chloe's fortunes seem to have improved. She was able to confirm the existance of a cure, track down a cure for it in the form of the imprisoned Wind Dragon, and with the aid of Tomos and Hanajima has released it. She and Hanajima were apparently brutal urchin thugs together at some point in the past, and had a happy few minutes of nostalgia. This was followed by lunch with Minor and chats with Orien and Random.

Chloe seems to have enjoyed herself at the ball despite several marring incidents.

Following the ball, Chloe headed off to Valencia with Minor, Keiko, Yuki, and Asuka. They successfully tracked down and killed Saruman, although they were unable to get much information from him. They did, however, loot his stronghold and get much information from it.

Chloe and Kaname assisted Akari's group at the end of the fight with the Ends of the World's ghosts. They rescued Kaede but were unable to save Nausicaa.

After briefly returning to her home in Shadow, Chloe returned to Amber on the morning of Day 7 and spoke to Anya and Shinobu Major. She attended the trial, made a few visits, and went to Minor's birthday party, and then participated in the rescue of Nagisa, Naru, and Haru from their own brain-eaten selves. She is very, very relieved about this.

Chloe teamed up with Sousuke's crew, Kaname, and Asuka to trap and capture Galatea, defusing Kurz and Jewel in the process. Chloe came through the fight without injury only to nearly be killed by the Logrus when they went to inform it that Jewel had been braineaten.

After her recovery, Chloe consulted with various people, crafted an artifact that was able to cure Hatori of the overeffects of his curse, and went to learn about what she needed to do to lift the Rebman Curse.

Chloe attended the Rebman Anniversary with the other non-traitors. An idle discussion resulted in her and Kaname saddling up, recruiting Suzuka and Anya, and going to deal with Telemain's old Shadow. In the ensuing battle they captured the Fate versions of Shiori and Telemain, and met the Destiny versions of Chloe and Setsuna. That latter, along with Chloe and Anya, also took a week's fast-time vacation to recuperate from wounds. Anya may need another vacation to recuperate from Chloe and Setsuna watching back-to-back marathons of Guttural The Criminal-Apprehending Impregnation Demigod.

After running some tests, the group returned to Amber, winding up at the Primal Pattern. Fuyutsuki explained that the Pattern's grip on Fate and Destiny was breaking down, causing havoc. Suzuka explained it was her fault, and that she hoped Destiny would die in a ditch. Fuyutsuki explained that he was kicking her out of the universe, and did. Golly, said Chloe, and took notes.

After receiving a list of various Destiny problems, Chloe was recruited by Minor and an Arcadian armada to to storm the wreckage of the Tower of Metal to free Wu-Hurin. Well, non-Wu, but Wu-verse, that is, the OLD Wu-verse... fuck, you know what I mean. Anyway, with the help of Tomos the Tower was stormed, Chaosians and Broken Pattern demons were crushed, and the victorious group settled down and proceeded to loot like it was 1999.

Chloe, Tomos, and a whole troupe of people rode to the rescue of the Logrus as the Great Yog Incursion kicked off. They successfully managed to back Miroku up as he got into the Logrus, retrieved the Gloom Device, and started repairs. Riding to the battlefield, Tomos popped a cap in Yog's ass while Chloe welded the Outsider Portal shut. Then the Narwhal and Nagisa, called by Chloe, showed and beat Yog down. Go team.

This was followed by her and Tomos and Random saving Princess Azalyn from a horde of Bad People, much grabbing of Logrusfoils, and Tomos and Chloe forging and then applying the chains that bind Fenris Wolf.

They were then assigned, along with Asuka, to deal with matters in Venicia and Al-Rassan. This they successfully did, although Chloe and Tomos got into a showdown with Fate Chloe and Kaname, resulting in Tomos near death, Fate Chloe vapor, and Fate-Kaname making off with the Logrusfoil Hope. Chloe, Asuka, Sumire, and Keitaro pursued and defeated her, regaining Hope and hauling Kaname off to the dungeons of Amber.

There followed a hideously messed-up situation due to the Heart of Flame of which the less is said the better. It is unclear what the deal is with Chloe and Asuka following it. Whatever it is, the two teamed up with Suzuka, Anya, Kaname, and Nanbara to scout Lemuria in preparation for a military strike. They did so with great success, recruited Nagisa and Prince Corum of Melnibone, and engaged the Lemurian fleet in the Battle of Cabra. This ended in a resounding Rebman/Melnibonean? victory, with Daniel and Morrigan captured and their Lion Spikard destroyed.

Following a debriefing with the King, Chloe had a talk with Fuyutsuki, took care of some private business, and went off on a trip with Asuka. She also turned down the Patternblade of Fate around this time.

After foiling the schemes of International Juri with Asuka and Anya, she went off to attend the birth of her new half-brother Shinji, who was uneventfully born with the usual number of fingers and toes, and blessed with nice healthy teeth. Following Random breaking her brain repeatedly (with help from Mo), she was dragged off by Asuka for purposes one dares not speculate on.

Chloe had a semi-vacation and an unsuccessful talk with Madoka. She and Asuka assisted in the rescue of Suzuka's body from a Yog Impersonator in Howondaland, followed by restoring order to Zeta Cygni and eliminating the squidlike invader of it.

Chloe proceeded to hang from Yig in the hopes of finding the answers to several things that had troubled her. She found her answers, but may well be broken by them. Regardless, she emerged from the experience changed and deeply hurt, and immediately went to Fuyutsuki with the news that her foster mother was probably an Abyssal pawn.

Thus warned, the family carefully confirmed that Miki, Madoka, Anya, the royal bodyguards, and Altena were EBT'd, and arranged to capture all of them as well as two other abyssal teams. The task force to recover the monarchs went like clockwork; Chloe's team, sent to recover Altena, hit heavy resistance but succeeded.

Altena was discovered to be the daughter of Tremere and Setsuna, working for her mother in a manner that closely replicates how Chloe worked for her. Her fate remains undecided, and discussion of it saw several tempers fray, Chloe's among them.

Chloe with effort put together a plan to send Miki and Madoka off to become less fucked in the head, with the hope that when they returned they would be less demanding of blood. At the pinnacle of this she unleashed a Blessing, drawing directly on her life force. Shortly afterwards she slipped into a comalike sleep. After this became apparent, Asuka and Anthy entered her mind to convince her to emerge, which they did after some effort.

In the wake of her rest, Chloe did a bit of relationship counciling for Kaname, then joined up with Random's team to go to Cathuria. She played a reasonably important part in the Battle of Cathuria, riding the Wind Dragon to defeat Shub-Niggurath, rescue Hayate and Soujiro, and give Suzuka and Kanako the distraction they needed to get free of the Void. She then repaired the sundered Walls of Night, locking the Outsiders back out.

After a brief rest in Cathuria and a few meetings with Random and Akari, Chloe met with the Phoenix, and as a result left Cathuria in the company of Random, Akari, and others to capture a Derith-fragment. Swift action on the part of Akari, Chloe and Anthy resulted in foiling the fragment's plans to break open the Embra dome, the rescue of Kentaro, and the pimp-slapping of Atlach-Nacha. But the fragment escaped, and they slogged through the Blue Crystal Caves after him, leaving a trail of dead minions in their wake. And dead puppies. A shootout with him, the Great Old One Glaaki, hordes of the living dead, and Rebman doubles ensued; Glaaki was captured and handed over for destruction, but Derith escaped, yet again.

The Great Derith Hunt ended when the Fearless Derith Hunters trapped him at Yig. He was taken back to Cathuria, de-eviled, and made into a ring. Looks like the Phoenix knows the recipe for soulsteel. The ring was given toYurika to keep her from dissolving when the Logrus is fixed.

Shortly afterwards, Chloe led an operation to save Prospero from his torment and bring Yig up to full function. In the process of this she merged with Jewel to form a new being called Joan, who gave birth to Yig's Heart. While the operation was a success, the full repercussions, good or ill, have yet to be seen. Afterwards, she spent several days in fast-time resting and getting her equilibrium back.

Her vacation was interrupted by a visit from Nanami Minor; with Asuka and Anthy, they traveled to Celephais to see about removing Glaaki's curse. Visits were made to the library and forges, and the team recruited Akari for a trip to Dylath-Leen in the Dreaming, there to wrest away the skull of a dead god to fuel their cure. They did so without incident, and returned to Celephais for the successful removal of the curse.

Chloe went on to assist Nanami and Tomos' horde in the retrieval on Hanajima's belt, and the recovery of Wolf. This was followed by the successful recovery of the Cornerstone from the ruins of the Tower of Fire.

Chloe, Asuka, Anya, and Kaname then dealt with Outsider activity in Akasha.

Chloe and Asuka retrieved a tome of old Lord Tremere's, attended an auction, and founded Kong Interstellar Corp as part of meddling in the internal affairs of Chaos. A Roof Shoggoth led them to hook up with Kaname and Wu-Corrine to rescue Kuonji from Daoloth and Mobius.

Following this, Kaname, Asuka, and Chloe hooked up with Team Random to discover the Terrible Secret of Space, shoving the Fae Lord Forge and his fleet down the stairs. They celebrated their victory by getting drunk in a bar in Arcadia.

Chloe and Asuka then went to help de-stress Kaname in Melnibone, with Yurika. Nanami Minor's arrival turned this into 'crush the Black Moon'.

The capture of the Book of the Noir led to a mental showdown between Chloe and it at the air Pattern, with Nanami, Fuyutsuki, Asuka, and others assisting. Chloe defeated the book and wrested the truth of the Noir from it, reaching both horrifying and hopeful conclusions in the process. Devising a plan, she went to consult with the Elder Gods in Kadath. She returned and forged the blade Caldaegraed on the Patterns, eliminating the book in the process.

In the wake of Caldaegraed's forging, Chloe went with Anthy to cleanse Melnibone of any remaining taint from the book and to investigate Corum's lair. With that done her thoughts were turned to securing Altena's old home in Narbonne, and she led Asuka, Anthy, Yurika, and Demetrius on a mission there, rescuing a Flawed Kozue and fighting a powerful Abyss Initate, who ran for it. The shadow secured, they went to Rebma.

From there, Chloe and Asuka planned to investigate Palpatine's doings on Coruscant. They were joined in this by Nanami Minor, Akari, Soujiro, and the Wind Dragon. Coruscant turned out to be riddled with menace, Palpatine turned out to be Pharaoh Moebius in disguise, and the limb-severing count was at 11 by the time the fighting ended. With Palpatine captured, their team proceeded to rescue first Azalyn and the Black House (capturing a Lion Spikard in the process) and then House Souma.

This accomplished, they took care of some business and then joined Akari, Nanami, and Tomos for the Zodiac Ritual, fighting a meteor-creature sent by Ends of the World and freeing several gods along the way. At the rite itself, Chloe set a trap for Ghroth; it worked perfectly, capturing the Outer God for permanent destruction.

Following the rite's completion, Chloe and Akari went to work expanding and upgrading Yig and its enviorns. Setting out to forge the five spikards of Balance, they started driving to Wayland's Workshop, but were interrupted by the need to rescue Team Shanks and kill his captor clones. That done, they found and secured the workshop, and proceeded to create or hook up various power sources in Shadow. When this was accomplished, the Five were forged, and distribution of them to their wielders was accomplished; the spikards being given to Akari, Prospero, Loewen (for a son), and Kaname (after an ordeal). Chloe is holding Cudasandu in trust for the time being.

Chloe, Akari, and company has recovered the wreck of the Phoenix's Eyrie and rebuilt it near Yig, gaining a bird-bomber-woman minion along the way. Being worn out by this, they went to sleep, and had a dream-talk with Nanami, followed by No Sex with Nanami.

Chloe is currently partying like it's 1999.

Notable Items

Chloe briefly held the Logrusfoil Determination, but rather quickly gave it away to Random due to, you know, it being Logrusy. ICKY! She briefly held the Logrusfoil Hope, but gave it to Asuka. She gave the Souma Demifoil over to Tomos and Company. She turned down the Fate Patternblade due to inept Fate sales tactics. She is working on beating Moriya's record, and only needs one more primal blade to do so.

Chloe bears Caldaegraed? , the Sword of Creation, which she forged on the Patterns to remove the Book of Noir. She has a sword of dull green metal that she took from the Tower of Metal, useful as a backup, concealed, or off-hand weapon. She has acquired a rather large assortment of broken/flawed jewels. Her cloak/poncho is rather unusual as well as ever-present, but has shown no signs of being anything other than a normal garment; it has changed colors in the wake of her experience at Yig. Finally, she has been given the Wood Wand of the 'Pretty Princess' set, which is likely the source of much future havoc and embarrassment.

Chloe created four of the five Phoenix Spikards and has handed out three of them, thus becoming First In Spikard-Giving. She currently bears Cudasandu.

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[The Black Book]?

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