Chloe's Pocket Study

Chloe ushers everyone through a small anteroom into a book-lined sitting room. A copy of The Mitala Cycle sits open on a table next to a book called The Ashabine Prophecies. A TV set in one corner features a glowing Buddha-like figure on a pogostick pursuing several unsavory men. Chloe opens a side door, leads you through a kitchen, and into a pantry, which she shuts the door to. The pantry begins to hum, and you get the general impression that it is moving downwards at high speeds.

Anya says, "Confession pantry. Cool."

Chloe's 'study' is a fast-timed pocket shadow complex that she tends to carry around with her. It has the exterior appearance of a square roughly the size of a deck of cards, which can then be unfolded to become a free-standing door.

This door generally leads into a small, closet-sized foyer, which empties out into a sitting room filled with books, papers, charts, and knickknacks of various sorts, as well as sofas and chairs and a few coffee tables. A TV set can generally be found playing old Sidar broadcast shows. Aside from a coat closet containing coats and umbrellas, the only clear exit from this room is a door leading into a tidy and well-appointed kitchen. Off of the kitchen is a small pantry, which holds tins and packets of various sorts of food. It also serves as an elevator down.

While the Shadow up to this point has seemed little different than a cozy apartment, the elevator opens onto a military-style complex of blast tunnels, laboratories, and holding facilities. While the full extent of them is unknown and likely varies depending on Chloe's whim, places seen so far include:

Chloe generally keeps the Shadow barred to all forms of entry aside from Pattern, although she frequently lets down the trump barrier when sending or expecting a call.