1. Forth the Ninth Rider
"At the entrance to the valley stands a gate of stone older than that which defines and casts reality. Behind it are vineyards. Before it is Creation. Hooves thunder as the white horse rides forth from the gate, the green cloak of the rider billowing, the Sign of the Pattern burning exultantly like a brand above her, heralding to all who watch -- I am coming, and against what lights my way shall nothing prevail."

2. Echoes Down the Centuries
"The last time I was along this way, the great cathedral was not nearly so fine. Of course, the last time I was along this way, it was mere rubble, and the spawn of the Outsiders swarmed about it. I believe I approve of what they have done with the site; no, I can find little fault with this. May it stand longer than what preceeded it...

3. Chloe
"The next card showed a broken roman pillar, jutting into the night sky with rolling vineyards in the background and a cold moon hanging above it all. A young woman stood atop it, back ramrod straight, one leg planted like an extention of the pillar, the other raised as if she were about to step off it and topple down into the black. She wore a curious green cloak that was almost a poncho, hiding her arms and shoulders, with a black garment beneath it. One hand was visible, and it held a knife. Her hair was violet and short, wild tufts only slightly subdued by a stub tail, and it framed hooded, narrowed eyes that reminded me of something serpentine or feline. She was smiling, as if waiting for some good thing to be given to her. The further down the pillar, the thicker was the blood staining it. I looked away."

4. Ancestral Homecoming
"I don't know if you're musically inclined, but you're welcome to play with us tonight if you like."
"I do play, actually. I'm not certain how well it would compliment your instruments, however. The bagpipes seldom mix with the piano, sax, and violin."

5. Flowers of Rebma
"The gondola glides sliently down a narrow waterway. Above it, women hang out their washing on balconies, children peer from windows, odors of baking bread waft from chimneys. The girl in the green cloak leans on her side in the prow, one hand tracing the water in sleepy fascination. Her brother, seated in the stern, just looks amused. Everywhere the flowers bloom."

6. Chill Bright Star of the Soul
"Is that really so bad? Sometimes I wish I was the Pattern. It's so perfect, so serene. It orders everything, and everything is clear and stark and simple. It doesn't have to worry about love. It doesn't feel or hurt or cry."
"It's a mindless automaton, a machine, the incarnation of Order. For a living person to turn themselves into a mere machine is like an artist painting a great work, then slashing it up and smearing his own dung on it. I have tried living like that, and in the end, it hurts far worse than the alternative."
"Maybe. I don't know. I suppose I'll continue. I don't really think I can stop at this point. I feel like I've broken the first rule of summoners -- 'Do not call up that which you cannot put back down.'"

7. The City of Brass
"Towers of flame, men of flame, and yet the rugs and baskets and turbans and silks and spices never seem to burn, and there are always shadows and hooded eyes... I watch the five outlanders walk easily through the bazaar, wonder at the anger of the servant, wonder who the one with two swords has come to kill."

8. Hi, Minor!
"Our newest family member bounces excitedly alongside the prisoners as the trump is prepared, that odd poncho fluttering in the breeze. I notice Nanami Minor watching her with the expression someone might have for an adorable baby shark."

9. Everyone Comes For Chloe
"Most of the time my little sister seems sweet and happy, full of love and care. It is difficult to remember this as I watch her fight four skilled swordsmen at once, kill Outsiders, and turn the Pattern against our foes, all with the same cold, hard, emotionless death mask. She is not like Mother. Even Mother felt something for those she slew, if only anger. I am suddenly reminded of Yeats and his airman: 'Those I fight I do not hate / Those I guard I do not love.' I know now that the first half is correct, and I pray the second half is not."

10. The Three Traitors
"I arrest thee of High Treason by the name of Kozue, Admiral of Rebma. I arrest thee of High Treason by the name of Shinobu, Major General of Horse. I arrest thee of High Treason by the name of Vice, Princess of Amber."

11. That Which Remembers
"It wishes to know if that means the element of Metal was triumphant."
"Tell it that the Sidar are lost." Her voice takes on a mourning, almost chanting tone. "They are gone, the Five Towers are fallen, the war over and the Two long dead. The Outsiders have destroyed them, and only a few heirs remain, and the old ways perish. Now Order and Chaos maintain the old boundaries, and the elements serve them, each equal to the others."

12. Tea With Random
"Books. Lots of books. Weird fishmonger prophecies. Some kinda art show on the TV. Mmmm, Juri's being awful quiet... oh, tea, noooo.... thank you Juri dear for teaching me how to politely refuse suspicious tea.... still, she's polite, seems friendly enough... but there's something..."