House Chulainn

House of Heroic Half-Naked Celts


Finn was a minor lordling in Wu-House Danaani at the time of the Day of the Dead. Most of the house was wiped out at the Pelennial Fields, but he united the survivors of Danaani, its minor houses and some members of House Aesir and its minor houses under his leadership, forging them into a new house, House Chulainn.

He moved out into shadow with them and found a huge island shadow, which they conquered, driving out the one-eyed giants who dwelt there. Since then the island shadow has become their headquarters, Chulainnways.

About twenty five years ago, Lord Finn got himself killed fighting a Chaos Dragon. His son now holds the throne.

Lord Chulainn

Conn mac Finn

"He really needs to learn how to apply makeup appropriately."

- Grizzelda

Conn is nervous about taking up his father's role, but is a brave and noteworthy warrior in his own right. He is neither subtle nor clever, but is honest, generous, brave, and probably overly violent, like most members of his house. He has three wives, but has yet to successfully produce any children.

Conn periodically leads his house on invasions into shadow, in order to give them something to focus on besides beating up other houses or each other.

House Aptitudes

House Chulainn are excellent footmen and charioteers. They also love to cover themselves with magical tattoos. (A few loremasters create trump tattoos for those they favor). They tend to favor fighting mostly naked in demon form, after carefully painting themselves with war paints.

House Geography

Notable Chulainn and Residents of Chulainnways

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