Prince Corey

Wandering Loud Mouth

He was another of Gendo's bastard children. He was legitimized after Sakura's treason was revealed, and made Nanami's young life hell. An overbearing bastard who wrote bad poetry, he insulted the wrong ambassador and was cut in half.

Said Corey was revealed during the Herald Crisis to have been a blood clone made by Gendo as part of a plot to provoke Therin into war. Due to some complications, the real Corey was left hidden in a secure shadow for hundreds of years (which was then lost completely after Gendo died), until Hel's agents found him and brainwashed him. He was saved by Edith, a Blessed of the Unicorn, who unbrainwashed him with the help of Prince Demetrius and Queen Mutsumi.

Corey has become a sort of tactical nuke for the family; tell him some force insulted him and he goes and destroys it violently. He is known to be dating Edith, High Priestess of the Turtle in Arcadia, and splits his time between the universes; usually he comes over to this one after he and Edith have a spat, stays a few years until he misses her too much, then goes back to Arcadia until he drives her insane and she throws him out of the universe again.

Many have compared him to Drake, if you stripped away every vestige of civilization. He gets along well with Ramon and seems to like Nanami Minor in his own way (ie, he made her life hell when she was a kid, and now gets in periodic massive brawls with her, but doesn't draw the big-ass-sword he carries everywhere). He and Captain Uotani also enjoy beating the crap out of each other. He has a great liking for Miroku and Kurz, as they can go get drunk and laid together. He's also quite friendly with Cho in a violent sort of way. He also seems to like Munchausen, as he has a liking for good stories. He's known to hate Asuka, and periodically announces he's going to find that shadow she rules and burn it to the ground. But nothing seems to ever come of it. He periodically invades the Chaos Embassy, just to force Yuki and Kyou to get in a brawl with him; this seems to amuse Shigure, rather than anger him, though Yuki and Kyou are getting sick of the man.

He was left butt-naked and pissed off in the aftermath of the fight with the Hemingway Gang. He was last seen on his way to Chaos to wreck havoc.

Down in Chaos he seems to have gotten a lot of women pregnant while disguised as Random and acquired a concubine named Qawoor. It remains to be seen as to exactly how many bits of Corey will be left once Edith gets her hands on him.

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