Absolute or Comparative Advantage? The Primal Powers versus the non-Primals (Merc)

Is the advantage of the Big Two (Pattern and Logrus) over the wide array of lesser powers an absolute thing or comparative thing?

To elaborate; often, it seems as if Psyche is the pivotal thing successfully powers vs. anything always revolves around, no matter if the opposing force is using a 'lesser' power such as Broken Pattern. Saruman messing up Minor, however briefly, and then dying despite Motoko's best efforts, stymying the efforts of two Pattern Users with his Broken Pattern, would be an example of this. However, things like Derith utterly taking Hanajima apart in a single blow despite her zesty psyche have also been known to happen. Non-Power Sorcery has also been known to do some pretty impressive things versus the Primals when wielded by a sufficiently zesty Psyche, and given the cheapness of the non-Primal powers it is not hard to be able to couple them to a very zesty Psyche.

To be more precise in the questions; Is the advantage, which clearly exists in some form, comparative (with Psyche being the primary factor no matter what power you pack) or is it absolute, the Primal power always beating the lesser no matter what? If it is comparative, how much so? May we have some sort of sliding scale or table that tells us how the powers comparatively stack against each other beyond the vague Logrus/Trump?/Pattern? (all of which are greater powers anyway) comparison?

Basically, someone using a stronger power gains an effective psyche boost against the weaker power for purposes of beating it down. The further up the tree they are from it, the moreso. The order of powers is: