Superfreak and Harem Boy

"Fascinating! May I, mmm, have just the most incremental amount of your blood in order to confirm a theory? No? Well, then, I suppose I am, mmm, bloody well out of luck. A ha. A ha ha ha."

It is unclear where Damask comes from, other than that he belongs to the House Hendrake of another universe and is apparently the son of someone who looks exactly like Kozue. Michelle was supposed to help him get back to his universe due to her experience with the Cave of Worlds, but she and Atsuko? adopted him into their harem instead. He seems utterly happy with the situation, especially given that he's been there for a century now.

Damask is notable for two things: remarkable shapeshifting abilities, and switching from relative normality to complete superfreakdom, often in the same sentence, particularly where matters of genetics are concerned. The general impression he gives is of a basically well-meaning man with a strong separation from reality and some deeply strange notions about life that a century of living with Michelle and Atsuko have done little to eradicate.

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In-Game Developments

Damask helped make David a body after he was drawn out of Limbo by Akari. Damask has assisted Akari's trip to Cathuria, suffering grave injury in the process. He seems to have acquired a cup of blood given him by the Phoenix. Beware.

He is currently attending on Atsuko, and recently made another trip to Cathuria with her as the matter of the Two Rimururus was looked into.