House Danaani

House of Artists


Lord Danaani

Lugh the Mighty was a tall, handsome redhead, a warrior of great strength who was also a noted painter and sculptor. He lived life in a very enthusiastic and passionate manner, and tried to surround himself with things of beauty. He had a great hatred of House Formorian, and worked to destroy them constantly.

With his passing in the Wrack, the lordship goes to his eldest daughter, Marian, Lady Danaani.

Died in the Logruswrack

House Aptitudes

While House Danaani produces valiant warriors, it's true strength is the production of art, from plays to paintings to entire shadows crafted into giant sculptures.

Its folk are passionate lovers, valiant warriors, and in general, live life on the grandest scale possible.

Unfortunately for them, advanced shapeshifting was not among their more common skills (though more common than many Houses), and so they have found themselves noticeably weaker than House Fomorian, if stronger than at least half the other Houses. Being massively weaker than your sworn enemy is not an enviable position to be in, and there are signs that Danaani knows it and is moving quickly to remedy it, from selling off art treasures for resources to backing House Suroth, the most powerful military force in the Courts.

House Geography

Danaaniways is a beautiful starlit forest full of small palaces woven organically from the trees themselves. One must enter through one of the four rings of standing stones, each of which is the endpoint of a Black Road: To Olympus, Aesir, Vanir, and the Courts of Chaos proper.

Notable Danaanis and Residents of Danaaniways


Died in the Logruswrack
Wife of Lugh from House Vanir. She was frustrated by her inability to get her relatives to help with Danaani's feud against House Formorian. She was a noted poet.

Corellion Larethian

Second child and eldest son of Lugh, enemy of Grummsh of House Firbolg. He rules several shadows full of powerful elves, and is a conjuror of note as well as an excellent archer.

Mannan Mac Lir, Grand-Uncle of Lugh

Died in the Logruswrack
Manaan ruled a horde of Ocean Shadows. An advanced sorceror specializing in weather magic, he was moody, capable of alternating great wrath and great generosity on a moment's notice.


A skillful archer and one of the premeire warriors of the house. She is Lugh's eldest child and was favored to inherit. She wants to crush House Formorian, and will ally with anyone to destroy them. Such as House Suroth, which she has done.

Marian has been made Lady Danaani.


Lugh's Cousin. A warrior born, she fights berserkly, but holds no grudges. She is known to greatly admire Prince Van and Princess Moonshade. She leads a band of warrior women. So far as is known, no relation to Daniel's mother.

Nuada, Uncle of Lugh

Died in the Logruswrack
Former house leader who resigned in a fit of despair after losing his arm during a long-ago war with Formorian. His lost arm had been replaced with an artifact arm made of silver and orichalcum. He spent a lot of his time either depressed or off in Shadow, wandering around. So far as is known, no relation to Nodens, although it does seem rather a coincidence...

Prince Kuonji

The mysterious baker and archeologist of Amber joined House Danaani for unknown reasons during the Herald Crisis. Danaani considered pursuing a claim to the throne on his behalf but ultimately didn't, either because they felt they were too weak or because Kuonji demurred.

Allies and Subordinate Houses