House Darios

Would-Be Rulers of the Seven Seas


Born in 271 AY, Rehoboam, fifth child of King Dios, was the twin brother of David, founder of House Jesby. It is said that he emerged from his mother clutching his brother's heel. Where Dios tended to favor David, his mother, Moiraine, favored him. Unfortunately for Rehoboam, his mother died in 306 AY, and Rehoboam, who had never gotten along with David anyway, blamed David for failing to save her. The result was a bitter rivalry which lasted for centuries.

When David took to the seas, so did Rehoboam, who mastered the arts of naval warfare, conquering many sea shadows. He eventually returned to the courts in 401 AY at the head of a powerful navy which became the basis of the Red Fleet and of House Darios. This navy became important in Chaosian victory during the Reaver War.

Impressed by his skills, Dios gladly granted the shadows which make up Dariosways to Rehoboam.

Since then, House Darios has had a bitter rivalry with House Jesby which has periodically erupted into open warfare. The most recent of these was 1365-75, which ended with Darios' victory at the battle of Breakers' Reef.

In addition, House Darios has been and remains prominent among those houses which are opposed to Amber.

Darios erupted into civil war in the wake of the Logruswrack and Mina's death. A truce was called by House Gainax and associates, and a recent investigation by Lord Shanks seems likely to result in a permanent peace. Darios has suffered greviously, though; from the Wrack, from the hot period of the civil war, and from having to hunker down in a wary war footing while other houses (like Jesby ) were rebuilding and grabbing pieces of the pie. Time will tell how they weather this storm.

Lord Darios

Died in the Logruswrack
Ahab "the Obsessed" died bitter and unfulfilled. One of the leaders of the majority anti-Royalist for most of his life, his allies deserted him during the Herald Crisis, his house was repeatedly humiliated at the hands of Amber, Helgram, and Hendrake, and his victory over Jesby at the most recent Breaker's Reef went largely unheralded and unregarded. His wife did not long survive him, and his children seem intent on murdering each other en route to claiming the title of Lord Darios.

For all that, he kept his House independent, rebuilt their alliances (of a sort) with Tremere and Formorian after Helgram and Alars left him high and dry, and had strong, young children who nearly universally survived the Logruswrack.

House Aptitudes

Where House Jesby are the supreme naval merchants and probably superior in pure sailing skill, House Darios has mastered naval warfare from the building of ships to naval tactics to large-scale naval strategy.

House Darios has also been working lately on building up its base of trump masters.

House Geography

Dariosways is a complex web of shadows put together so as to hamper any sort of naval assault. It is surrounded by hideously dangerous reefs, constant fogs, sandbars, and other naval hazards. Once one breaks through them, however, one finds a giant crescent-shaped island full of port cities, naval bases, and endless natural harbors.

The main citadel itself is Y shaped with a harbor inside the mouth of the Y. It is decorated with centuries of naval plunder and is incredibly eclectic as a result.

Notable Darians and Residents of Dariosways


The house Trump Artist and chaplain, she leads the family in worship of the serpent. Disikes Moria for being a bastard and the cause of her mother's exile. A rabid booster of Darios Minor's bid for the Lordship, she has been lately exorting her flock to kill Halder for great justice.


A hard studying, dedicated man, he has honed his mastery of the Logrus (advanced Logrus) and is now struggling to learn more sorcery. He hates Amber very passionately. He has declared for Darios Minor, but is less rabid than Anlya.

Darios II (Darios Minor)

He is a naval commander of great skill, and enjoys leading pirating raids against Jesby's shipping. There has been some doubt in the past as to whether or not he can tear himself away from his ships long to rule well, but since seizing Dariosways early in the civil war he seems to be defending his claim to rule against Halder quite effectively and zealously.


Gilio is a hard working man with the soul of an accountant, who handles the family's finances and acts as Quartermaster to Darios' navies. He is known to be quite tireless. Apolitical.


Only child of Mina and Ahab, he is a fair naval commander, but excels most in boat design and weapons making. He expressed no great desire for the throne until his mother was assassinated; he seems to believe that Darios Minor was responsible and that he would be next, and launched a bid with his partisans to claim the Lordship for himself.


Lord Darios' first wife, from House Helgram. Mother to Darios, Birik, and Anlya. She is now in exile after trying to poison Ilin. Seems to have survived the Logruswrack. Somewhere out in Shadow plotting for all concerned to die horribly, probably.


Darios had a ten year infatuation, but then lost interest. Not being a fool, she took her "dowry" and quietly retired off into shadow. A noted artist and sorceress. Unknown if she survived the Logruswrack. Possibly in danger from Igdi if she did.


Second wife of Lord Ahab, originally from Shadow. A noted sorceress, she favored her son Halder over his children by his previous wives.

She survived the Logruswrack, only to drop dead at dinner afterwards. Cause of death proved to be a fatal dose of tobagon.


Bastard daughter of Ilin and Lord Darios, she is a noteworthy logrus master who heavily traffics in summoning the creatures of Chaos. Her political position is unstable, and she tries not to rock the boat. She has not declared for either side, and in fact fled to House Danaani immediatly after the civil war broke out. She returned in time to help defuse a plot by a renegade Formorian lord to goad House Darios into war with Amber.


Mysterious pirate detective Lord Shanks, with his Seven Deadly Sins, seems to be trying to patch things up between Darios Minor and Halder with some success. He has his own page, which he plundered as booty from a proud ship of Jesby taken on the high seas. Arrr, har har.

Allies and Subordinate Houses