Duke Davros

Priest of Pindin and Soul of the Bride of the Dragon

Davros first surfaced when he assisted Shizumaru and Michelle with the recovery of the stolen Seed of Hope during the Annadil Crisis. Forty years later, he accompanied Prince Moriya and Princess Motoko during their missions in Chaos. Over time, he apparently seduced Motoko, Moonshade, and Mitsune and convinced them all to marry him. This has led many would be harem-keepers to beat a path to his door, though he seems unwilling to share his secrets of getting women to be your harem and like it. (Others argue that he initiated Motoko into the rites of Kundali, causing her inhibitions to collapse, and her to gather Moonshade and Mitsune and him as HER harem. This remains debated. It also remains debated whether the Quartet and the Triumvirate actually have the rumored yearly sex orgies, though it's expected he probably organizes them if they do.) He is certainly (well, rumored to be) a ninth-level Kundali adept in addition to being a Priest of Pindin. (The priests of Kundali have repeatedly asked him to join their order, but he has refused. Supposedly. That's what they WANT you to think.)

Motoko and Davros have become reknowned as the foremost experts on weaving Pattern and Logrus magics together in the universe. This expertise was important to the reforging of Hummingbird into Covenant and the creation of Shinjin. He possesses the Breath of the Dragon, a spikard of energy magics, and is a noted Logrus sorceror, shapeshifter, and Logrus user. He's also very strong, able to wrestle with people like Thoric, Moonshade, Kanna, Nanami Minor, Uotani, Yuki, Kyou, and Ramon and have a decent chance.

Davros holds the title of Grand Duke of New York in the United States of Chaos.

Davros is alternately pleased by and frustrated with his son Miroku, who he feels has learned all the wrong lessons from his father's life. Still, Miroku's skills and his piety please Davros greatly. He is very fond of his daughter Deirdre, but joins Motoko in lecturing her on being more focused. He is baffled by Nanbara, and is known to not like Kanako at all. Like Motoko, he is rather fond of Melissa, and like Motoko, he tends to lecture Kurz on his behavior. He is very friendly with Allen von Munchausen, and on good terms with Aburatsubo. He seems to approve of Sousuke. He's known to be on very good terms with Violet and to find Yomiko and Telemain both quite pleasant; he's been known to have long intellectual discussions with them. He often seems somewhat sad in the presence of Asuka, and is known to find Kaname delightful. He is known to have been quite pleased when Random joined the Stylite order, and quite angry with Miroku after he caused her to be thrown out.

Davros seems intensely frustrated by the rift which has opened between himself and Shizumaru and Rimururu. At the same time, he seems unable to do anything about it. He does his best to be friendly to Akari, though she doesn't seem too fond of him.

Any mention of the band N'Stylite seems to reduce Davros to utter incoherency, and can be used in a manner similar to the use of crosses on vampires to drive him off if you really need to get rid of him. (Certain rumors claim Mataka Fillmore somehow hornswoggled him into providing some of the training the early members of that band had in pillar dancing, but nothing is known for sure.)

Motoko was fused with Davros and Nanami into the being known as Nemesis when caught in a Primal Chaos explosion during the fight against the Hemingway Gang. In that form, they slew the false Kanako and then somehow impregnated Thoric. Nemesis also concieved and swiftly bore her new daughter, Anya, to term.

The fallout from this has been rather messy for him, and it seems likely that he will be atoning by doing service for Arcadia for a time.

He is currently part of the hunt for the Embrans.