Degeneracy Poker

The card game known as 'Degeneracy Poker' was invented by Prince Corey after a night of particularly heavy drinking. It is a card game played with a full trump deck, including friends of the family, notable servants, and current and ex-lovers. Dead family members are included for fairness sake, though these cards are often normal, non-trump substitutes. Despite the indelicate nature of the game, it appears to have taken a hold in some circles, and some entirely non-trump decks have been spotted circulating around for casual play.

Scoring and Rules

Examples of Play

Example #1:

Deirdre and Miroku are playing a hand. Deirdre draws:

While Miroku draws:

Deirdre's hand is worth five points. Gendo is worth one point on his own (Death) and another point for being Tylor's father (Spawn.) Tylor is worth a point for being Gendo's son (Spawn) and Touga and Shizumaru are worth a point each as well (also Spawn.) Makoto is worth no points.

Miroku's hand is worth nine points. Moonshade and Mitsune have had sex with each other, and are thus worth a point each (Fornicate.) Lily and Beowulf are worth a point each as well (also Fornicate) and Lily and Beowulf gain an extra point each because of the presence of their son, Telemain (Spawn.) Telemain is worth two additional spawn points because of the presence of both of his parents and another point on his own for being dead (Death.)

Miroku wins the hand.

Example #2

Corey and Nanami Minor are playing a hand. Corey draws:

While Nanami Minor draws:

Corey's hand is worth five points; Mikage gets a point for being dead (Death) and another for being in a hand with his daughter, Nausicaa, who also gets a point because of this (Spawn.) Jacqueline and Thoric have had sex with each other, and each get a point (Fornicate) while Anthy is worth nothing this time around.

Nanami Minor's hand is worth six points; Gendo is dead (Death) and gains two additional points for siring Makoto Major and Drake, who get a point each themselves (Spawn.) Hiko is also dead, garnering one additional point for her (Death.)

Nanami Minor wins the hand. It is important to note that, while Anthy and Mikage have had sex, which would bring Corey's hand total to seven, beating out Nanami Minor's, this fact is not publically known or known personally to either of them. Thus, no fornication points are received.

Example #3

Tylor and Yuriko are playing a hand. Tylor draws:

While Yuriko draws:

Tylor's hand is worth eight points; Davros and Mitsune gather two fornicate points (one each) to themselves, and Deirdre and Miroku add six more spawn points; two for Deirdre/Davros because he is her father and they recieve a point each because of that, and four for Davros/Mitsune/Miroku because of the two parents/one child combination. Nanami Minor is worthless.

Yuriko's hand is -also- worth eight points; Gendo, in addition to his one death point, has slept with Anthy and Haruka, and so the trio of them collectively add four more fornication points to the hand. The Gendo/Miki spawn combination yields two more spawn points, and Haruka's one death point brings the total to eight.

To break the tie, we subtotal each category of points. Tylor has:

While Yuriko has:

Tylor wins the hand, as his six spawn beat Yuriko's two spawn. If they had both had six spawn, the comparison would have dropped to fornicate, and then to death.