Deirdre, Goddess of Archery and Broad Interests

"Too much focus makes tunnel vision. If you are really good at swinging hammers, everything looks like a nail. I would rather know how to use the whole tool kit."


"I stared in surprise, for the card had changed. She wore a coat of many colors, hovering in the air above two pools, behind which sat two trees. Silver light suffused her from the left, golden light from the right, and she flew with a wing of each color. In her left hand, she held a bow with the Pattern inscribed upon it, in her right hand, an arrow made of Logrus. On the ground, between the pools, I spied a spyglass, an open book, a flute, and a box of toy soldiers. Green eyes glittered with a hint of golden and silver light, and her brow blazed with a silver bow and golden arrow. Her long orange hair, braided and cast over one shoulder, remained the same, but I felt there had definitely been many changes."


Born in 1333 at the Summer Rites which brought about the rebirth of the World of the Dead, Deirdre was raised largely in Chaos at the Embassy. Having Miroku, Kanako, and Nanbara as siblings kept her hopping. She developed a taste for archery as she grew up, while studying with her flock of parents and with her aunt Lily. She also had a talent for sorcery, which led her parents to send her off to the Great School of Magic when she turned fourteen (1347). She graduated eight years later, in 1355. After taking the Logrus, in part out of a sense of competition with her brother, Miroku, and in part possibly due to lingering Logrus insanity, she briefly became a Stylite, but soon tired of it (disappointing her father).

She then decided to explore the Amber side of her heritage. She went to Amber in 1358, where she walked the Pattern and bummed around for a while, training with Naru. Countess Haruka, Utena, Ramon, and Kanna. Encouraged by them, she entered the Haradian War Academy in 1362. After four years, she graduated, and began a distinguished career in Amber's military, after being part of the 'Quest to Find Drake to Sign Our Diplomas'. She served as a military mage lieutenant from 1367-1382, then as captain of a regiment up to the outbreak of the Melnibonean War.

During the Second Melnibonean War, Deirdre leads her regiment with distinction, and recieves a field promotion to Major, put in command of a wing.

From 1392-1400, she served as an instructor of Military Mages at the HCWA. After that, she transferred to the Arden Rangers, feeling the call of that side of her heritage. From 1400-1417, she served as a ranger. Then she vanished into shadow, during which times her activities are mostly unknown. She also travelled into Jacqui's universe for a time, where she had a lot of fun and went on many rampages with Minako. She has now returned to the regular universe in 1430 AY, and is looking for something to do with herself.

She entered the King of Fighters in 1430 AY and was clobbered in Round 2 by Bust Rimururu. It is possible that Deirdre may well never recover her dignity. If she ever had any to lose.

Personality and Aptitudes

Deirdre is ultimately a dabbler. She does things for a while, then gets bored and moves on. The result is that she doesn't do a lot of things well, but she does a lot of things. She is not very good at sticking to a project unless things are time-critical.

She can shapeshift (a little), can do a little with the Logrus, uses Pattern mainly for getting around Shadow, knows a few power words, and can cast the simpler spells. Her one trick of note is that she has learned how to craft special arrows which contain power words that go off when they hit something. She _loves_ to shoot things with them.

Unlike her mother, she's not very strong, though she is (debatably) stronger than Miroku, Nanbara, and Kanako. Unlike her father, she's not hugely strong willed, though she's better than the man on the street. She's not very impressively endurant. She's a decent, but not great swordsman, and a good archer. She does seem to have a bit of a talent for leading military forces; only Random and Asuka definitely outclass her, though they both do so by quite a bit. It's more debatable as to how she, Shiori, Melissa, and Sousuke shake down.

Deirdre likes trying to be mysterious and enigmatic these days, though she's not very good at it, in part because she doesn't really have any secrets. She also enjoys religious debate, and throws down with Miroku on that. She has a strong competitive streak which comes out most strongly with regards to Miroku, as they try to show each other up, though in a generally friendly way.

Deirdre has a somewhat warped view of relationships due to growing up with the Quartet, and pretty much entirely embracing that as an ideal lifestyle. (She and Miroku are known to have a long-term competition to see who gets a destiny harem first...). This has led many of her past love affairs to go down in flames. Deirdre is on very good terms with her parents, although they both periodically give her the 'You need to focus on something' lecture.

It is well known that Minako + Deirdre = Total Disaster. They seem to bring out all of each other's meddling and giggly romantic instincts, and immediately start trying to fix everyone in sight up with each other. Sadly, their plans usually have all the grace and wit of 'Limp-Wristed Hairdressers of Gor'.

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Notable Items

Deirdre is very proud of her magical shortbow which makes its own ammo when you pull the string.

Deirdre now has Whoopass, a gift from Random.

In-Game Developments

She's been seen with Minako. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN!

This has led to her foolish attack on Helgramways at the Ball with Minako and Munchausen. She was then passed to her mother to punish, and then passed to various others. She's been a bit of a hot potato.

Deirdre has now passed into the care of Nanami Minor's Uberwald Investigation squad. Under the identity of Morgothia, a Drow Vampiress, she has contributed to the ongoing and ongoing and ongoing investigation of Uberwald, functioning as Mistress Vampire for Alice the Moppet (Akari), Harmonia (Nanami), and Hope (Makoto).

With the conclusion of Uberwald, Deirdre has contributed to the attack on Fate-Kanako's forces and has helped to resurrect the Two Trees and brought Kanako's soul home to the Halls of Mandos at the battle of Cathuria. She now possesses a stronger link to the power of the Valar, itself greatly increased. It remains to be seen what will come of this.

Deirdre has since helped to fight against Mobius.