Prince Demetrius

President of the Amber City Naval Academy, Captain of the Radiant, Master of the Abyss, Prince of Avalon, and Prince of Amber

A tall, thinnish, black-haired (and non-bearded) man in a seacoat, wearing a sword, Captain Demetrius appeared in our universe during the latter days of the Herald Crisis in 1332, summoned by a message brick tossed into the Abyss. He made contact with Princess Kanna over the matter of the White Knight, and successfully retreived her from the Abyss. He then went on perform many heroic deeds (after a few beginning rough spots involving Trump Badassess and Evil Black Tar) on the actual Day of the Dead, fighting on almost every major front. After the crisis, Demetrius was given an MVP award by King Tylor and appointed President of the Amber City Naval Academy.

He also commands the Radiant, one of the Great Ships, a powerful Abyss cruiser.  He is assisted by three mysterious figures from Shadow: the living skeleon named T, the red-haired trickster Bogdozan, and the tiny-brained Vaprak, who is said to have once eaten a spikard, a Wu-Lord of Chaos, blood clones of Tylor and Corrine, and an Animal God, all in the space of a month.

Demetrius tends to come slightly unglued whenever Corrine or Juri tease him, though the reasons why have never been fully explained to those outside the non-Harad family members. It could be due to the fact that Demetrius has since been adopted into Corrine's family to help explain his current Amber Pattern imprint (Legal Fictions At Work!). Or due to the fact that Corrine at times bears a striking resemblence to a certain long-deceased punk-ass Princess of Avalon...

We still don't know yet what's up with his Corn fetish. But he also breeds and sells Abyss Kittens to anyone who is interested.  With a stern warning about how they can bite off a man's leg if provoked.

Demetrius has been assigned to go into the Abyss after Vash if possible. He was a baby for a while, but got better.

Created by Mercutio?, NPC'd by John Biles.