Champion of Rebma

Handsome and snappily dressed, Derith is a consummate courtier, politician and scholar. He is known to be a grand master of the arts of Pattern, having studied them intensely under Fuyutsuki. For centuries, he lived in Rebma, avoiding involvement in Amber politics, but after his involvement in the Succession Crisis, he re-entered Amberite life, commanding the Southern Navy of Amber. While he is no great swordsman, he does carry the blade Greyswandir, one of the legendary Pattern Blades. It was stolen during the Annadil Crisis, and then vanished into shadow and has not been seen since. Derith was known to have been married to Queen Moire's daughter Moira at the time when Rebma sank and the Great Whirlpool formed.

Derith's absence during that great crisis was somewhat conspicuous, except for the fact that he was generally absent during most crises. Tensions arose between him and Tylor, and in an effort to prove his loyalty, he loaned his blade, Greyswandir, to Miki during the disastrous scouting mission to the Keep of the Five Worlds, and it fell into Annadil's hands. Derith was in Rebma when it sank.

Some rumors claim that Derith betrayed Amber for power, enabling Annadil to take his Pattern Blade, in return for the lore that let him seperate Rebma from this universe. Others claim to have seen him in shadow near Rebma, trying to warn travellers away and seeking for a way to save his beloved Rebma. A few have seen him screaming in their dreams as dark shadows try to devour him but are repulsed by a brilliant red light which shines from his head.

Derith is now known to be dead, slain by Taylor D'Arden, the Second Traitor Prince, who he slew in turn, sending the Jewel of Judgement off into the hands of Princess Jacqueline (for reasons unknown). His son Lucien arrived in Amber right around the time he perished.

Derith is rather dead, but if you called up a Pattern-Ghost for a chat, this is what he might say...

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