King Dios I

Former Last Free Man in The Universe and now King of New Chaos

A handsome, purple-haired man, King Dios is the very model of a hero. He's also perhaps the happiest man in the universe, even though he doesn't have a harem (though he seems to pretty much have a lover whenever he wants one). He is soft-spoken and charming, charismatic, and so utterly perfect, it's hard to believe he is real.

Where Corey is the most unkillable man in Amber, Dios is the hardest to kill man in this universe, the one Chaosian who never knelt before Hel. He's no slouch as a warrior, general, mage, or logrus weilder. He is, in fact, probably the most powerful human in the Arcadiaverse.

King Dios is known to have a strong fondness for the Quartet, especially Motoko, to view the Triumvirate and their children very positively, especially Random and Makoto Minor (who he dated for a while), and to be very positively inclined towards both Nanami Major and Nanami Minor.

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