Master Warrior and General

Youngest child
of the eldest triad
Heart, Mind, Body
Ill luck dogs you
Your mouth outraces your mind
But your blade is keen
your arms are swift
In battle, you reign supreme
-- From the Prophecies of the Serpent

Head of the Harad City War Academy and bad-ass in reserve, Drake has spent the last century teaching other people how to go forth and conquer. He is now married to Duchess Nabiki, Lord High Chamberlain of Amber; they've been known to have fights over policy at times, as he once held the office with her as his subordinate, and he has pretty distinct ideas on how to do things.

Drake still hates Derith, though he's stopped randomly slaughtering shadow Deriths.

Drake has recently engaged his daughter Sumire to Lord Nanbara of Helgram (without consulting either).

He's also recently been revealed to have more descendants than he thought, as the Fenchauds of Therin were revealed to be descended of Jean Valois.

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