The Elder Gods

Kadath stands atop a great mountain, a beautiful palace carven of every kind of stone, and decorated to delight the senses, the air filled with the sweet smell of perfume, constantly serenaded by an endless, delightful symphony. Deep within it stands a great hall, its ceiling held a hundred feet in the air by twelve elaborately carven pillars, each symbolizing one of the signs of the Zodiac. The walls are covered with mosaics of the mighty deeds of the Great Ones, and the huge bronze doors are sealed with the Elder Sign. The floor is tiled like an arching rainbow, and at the far end from the doors, there are twelve chairs, each carven from a single huge and perfect gemstone, sitting atop a dias of pure jade.

Six men and six women sat in those chairs, gazing down upon Touji and Asuka, who both felt like they were going to melt. Bast had garbed them in simple white robes, belted at the waist, but they both felt naked before the gaze of these beings, and they'd both kneeled instinctively.

They knew some of them. Bast sat among them, as did a god and goddess who resembled the huge statues from King Kuranes' museums, except for being alive and smaller. Another woman reminded Touji of Kuan Yin, or at least how she looked at the shrine he'd gone to a few times. And the one who was on fire looked like a statue King Kuranes had kept near the fireplace. Asuka recognized Nath-Hortath, a blonde man with jet-black skin and pupiless silver eyes, the patron of Celephais.

--Children of an Elder God, Chapter 14

Until recently twelve in number, the Elder Gods are survivors of the Barrier War and the War of the Gods which destroyed the Pre-Logrus Sidar civilizations. As such, they are much weaker than they once were, but their lore still seems potent against their especial enemies, the Outsiders.

The Elder Gods dwell in Kadath in the Cold Waste, a beautiful palace high atop a lonely mountain. For a time, during the Herald Crisis, they were locked away by the Gaunt Man, but Princess Kanna and her companions successfully broke the barrier and liberated them. Lian is known to have studied their lore with them prior to her death, and Yomiko to have journeyed there and studied with them in the years following Kanako's disappearance. It is suspected that Asuka had visited Kadath as well pre-crisis, given her status as the Red Knight of Celephais, and that Chloe probably had as well, given her occasional use of their power and lore in her workings.

Shortly before the current crisises, Shiori, Orien, Aburatsubo, and Katherine travelled to Kadath to learn their lores. In exchange for this knowledge, they agreed to eliminate the Three Eyes of the Violator. This task has been completed, .

More recently, the Elder Gods have been breaking their self-imposed isolation to aid in the Battle of Cathuria and to help save Aburatsubo from death. They also made Orien a new right arm to replace the one lost to the Violator during the Second Doom of Melnibone, and assisted in the reforging of the former Lion Spikards.

Asuka, Chloe, and Yomiko recently went to Kadath so that Chloe could train under Nuada in the ways of craft.

The Elder Gods:

It is known to some that at one time, the Valar Gods and the Zodiac Gods counted among their number, but their lives were lost during the GodsWar. The Valar Gods of Valinor were mere Shadows (or perhaps depowered reincarnations) of the originals, but they have since been elevated back to cross-shadow potency by the ressurection of the Two Trees.

The Valar, as history records them, are:

Of late, certain other Elder Gods have popped up: