The Dining Hall of Castle Ember

Three times a day, promptly at seven to eight, eleven thirty to one thirty, and six to eight, the cooking staff of Castle Ember serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The Dining Hall is adjacent to the Great Hall, but smaller, only about one hundred and fifty feet long and fifty feet wide. Two double doors open into the Great Hall, while other doors provide access to the kitchens and other parts of the castle. The floor is paved with black, gold, red, and silver marble floor tiles, and the walls are hung with large tapestries styled after abstract paintings found in Shadow. A series of tall, clear, glass windows spreads along one long side of the Dining Hall, providing light to the large room.

A great table sits on a raised dais in the center of the room; seating sixteen, the Queen, her immediate family, and her regent dine here with their chosen guests for the meal. Everyone else eats at the roughly equally sized tables scattered about the room. Queen Corrine sits at one end of the table and Regent Catherine on the other end, and the closer one sits to either of them, the more honor it conveys. A smaller dias sits at one end of the Dining Hall; this is where Court Bard Priss often puts on performances during meals, or where Chef Makoto and her Iron Chefs give cooking competition demonstrations to the entertainment of guests.